: 1/21 Cleanse, smite. Yas mid. Troll build ap, lowest dps. Most likely feed +AFK. >there was 1 single game i didnt try as hard as i could You know you were feeding the enemy team because your feeling was hurt. Paste your chat log here. Come with proof proving your innocent.
1. i Dont have to prove anything to a randomn 2. I never claimed i was innocent, my argument is it is a one time offence and a 14 day ban is pretty harsh considering its is saying its for an 8 game reported of feeding activity. 3. im saying for a one time offence it shouldnt be 14 days as my history shows i have not fed in 8/20 games as the suspension claims pls learn to read and understand what someone is saying. 4. 1/21 AND 6 assissts it wasnt feeding all you see for it to be claimed as feeding is Smite and cleanse if it was flash ignite you wouldnt have a problem with it now would you???
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