Mindstar (OCE)
: Really sorry to hear you are still having issues :'( Have you had any luck since the time you posted? There are a few other things it could be, so I'd definitely recommend getting a request in to Player Support, as they will be able to help go through your game logs and figure out what might be wrong. Cheers Mindstar
No progress here, still copping it. I filed a support ticket a few days ago but i assume they have been getting a lot of requests so i'm guessing it will take a bit for them to respond. Cheers A kid that thinks its funny to copy the format that a Riot Member uses for his messages
BigMelbs (OCE)
: Random DC's from games and wont let me reconnect
We literally can't play the game and some of us don't even use Avast, people have attempted disabling, restarting, reinstalling, everything. I'm assuming we just wait for how ever long it takes them to figure out what the problem is? {{sticker:darius-angry}}


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