YangGuo (OCE)
: something unexpected happened while you trying to create your lobby
YangGuo (OCE)
: something unexpected happened while you trying to create your lobby
says they disabled ranked ques....more like disabled all ques
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Zaps (OCE)
: Reconnect To Game Issue - September 26
was able to log in now and create a game as a test
Zaps (OCE)
: Reconnect To Game Issue - September 26
it isnt just people finishing games im getting connected to a ghost game for lack of a better word. i was at home screen for about a hour or so as i went to the shop, when i came back and tried to que up i got a error so i tried to relog now it says im in a game and stuck reconnect screen
Mindstar (OCE)
: Thanks! We're still trying to find the cause, but will let you know as soon as we find anything. Cheers Mindstar
heads up, it isnt just people who are finishing games, its also people trying to log in, i went to the shop and left my client open at the home page when i got back i tried to start a ranked que and got a error 3 times, so i reloged now it saying im in game and cant connect at all
: Stuck on reconnect game
i cant even log in, i went to the shop and was just at the home page and was unable to create a que so when i reloged it is saying im in a game
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: i highly doubt it, in my eyes its no different then looking up a build on Probuilds, or Mobafire or something
similar....but this is ingame under recommended tab.....i dont think it is banable and it a huge help for new players and ppl not knowing what to build unless they have decent experince on there champion
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: Great to see Riot's view on youtube theft.
I have personally had a entire channel shut down coz they were stealing and voicing over AngryHoneyBadgers work..i reported it and then linked it to AHB on his facebook...it took about 7 hours
Olee (OCE)
: Are we gonna do ANYTHING about these full tanks one shotting everyone?
Rai Akuma (OCE)
: Teemo <3
there is a special place in hell for people like you
Essembie (OCE)
: how to carry harder?
after wining lane (top lane main) I tend to head into enemy jungle and ward as much as I can, take the enemy jungle camps and such. I always watch top lane for the opponent incase he gets to much solo time so I try to shut him down more, if all of that is good ill help out mid lane to either try get them ahead or get them a advantage so he is able to handle himself to either do the same as me and head into there jungle or help our bot lane.... I find pushing objectives faster if my other lanes are going even tends to bring enemy jungler to my lane a lot more so it eases my jungler and other lanes knowing im drawing 80% of the enemy junglers attention and constan 2v1's or 3v1's incase enemy mid laner or support joins the fight......objective control is a big part...taking early dragons rift herald and even the crab for that extra free vision try shot calling objectives like "heading bot to help push it out and take turret" ect can help....im only a silver noob but that normally helps me win my games
: Riot please implement a system that alerts you when someone you have reported gets banned
it is normally just a pop up I had a pop up about 3 weeks ago saying thanks to me and a few other players reporting a player the tribunal was able to take action I took that as thanks for reporting that ragger got banned
Gragozz (OCE)
: Looking for a Parter to Grind into Silver or higher
Zeroth (OCE)
: Looking for PPl to play ranked duo with
im silver 5 atm my self been going between 4 and 5 last few days im always happy to duo with ppl
: What's your role?
i prefer top lane then adc
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: How long does the average winning streak go for?
Kenneth38 (OCE)
: 1000th Win 3 Wins away
custom summoners icon unlocked at 1k victory's......rito please?
: Best Tips For Ranking Up?
this happens alot in bronze it happend to me as well won 15 straight then just had the worst luck over the next 4 days and went promos b1 all hte way to 5 0 points
Vehrox (OCE)
: for some odd reason in game suddenly I couldn't auto attack or use q and r
i had a simular issue but i was able to auto attack and use my summoners just my q and r and b were not working
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Patch 5.2 Bugs Megathread
im not 100% sure if this is a bug but in my last game i was a katarina mid and about 8 min into the game my q, r and recall stopped working...i tried to relog. close my client relog again rebind my skills nothing worked.......at the 25 min mark my skills started to work again
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JacoFett (OCE)
: How do you get better?
what i have been told (as im in the same situation as you) working on csing the tips i was told is make a custom game and run a no rune page and no masterie page so its like your lvl 1 again cs for 10 min and check ur score also if u can find the cs chart http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/File:Perfect_Creep_Score.png use that as a base and work from there ull be amazed how easy laning and "carrying" is with a decent cs score and alot of us bronzie noobs think kills wins game.....it helps but i have won games were we have had 10-20 less kills coz of objection control (turrets, dragons, side pushing lanes then backing and when the enemy goes to clear that wave push the other lane so they are always defending and moving backwards) im only bronze 1 and am working on the game as well but this knowlage has helped me alot in the past 4 weeks were i was stuck in B5 ( B5 0 point to B1 in 4 weeks isnt good but im bronze and i need to "get gud" hope this helps even a little
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