wycliffe (OCE)
: I have to reinstall the client every single time
I still have the older client on my computer, nor did I encounter problems with having it still installed. Your problem could be related to still having the old client installed but it seems unlikely. I'm upvoting this to try and get Riot to ask the right questions for what's going on. Surely someone will be able to help you. Good luck{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Alpha Client Icon?
I too would agree that an icon for the testers should be made for the purposes of being able to know who else is experiencing the new client. It creates an extra sense of community for those of us trying to find the bugs with the new alpha client.
iHooD (OCE)
: Receiving Honours Post game
Honours doesn't seem to be giving a notification for me either
: Done.
Thank you for doing the survey. Every response I get helps my study immensely.
Loko (OCE)
: Sorry I wrote a few things unnecessary in there when I could've just commented them. You're also only posting on the OCE server forums so you won't get any diverse answers from Q2. I think it'd be wise to include a 'Fill' option in Q3 or use multi-selection.
The whole point of question 2 was to prove the validity of my target sample, that being OCE players. And I was thinking about adding the fill option, but only 2 respondents have entered fill in the other option for question 3 so the option seems a little unnecessary as it stands. Thanks for the feedback though and thanks a bunch for doing the survey. Every response I get helps my study.
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