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: Silver 4 player looking a team to join to improve and experience being in a team
Silver 3 last season looking to also improve with a team i'm pretty much a top main
: worst s+ ever
Sometimes it be like that
Mega Gnar (OCE)
: Feedback on My new Video- RP GIVEAWAY
Clicked the video for free RP, Stayed because your an actual funny %%%%. My only wish is that this video was a bit longer. Great video man!
Beausen (OCE)
: Team recruit.
Hey Man, im keen to play, i much prefer playing in a team as opposed to soloq my ign is Pandadude123, Silver IV, i mainly play top but im trying to get better at support
: Looking for people to play with
Keen to play with some people, add me
Sushí (OCE)
: Vital Gaming Team 1 LF Serious Top Lane or Jungle
I would also be keen to play the top lane role for your team, i have been in a few ranked teams last season of which we did very well and i played efficiently as a top lane. I main top and can be flexible with my picks (Carry, tank etc) I play pretty much everyday and do believe i have what it takes to be fully committed to this team in a professional manner.
Selwyne (OCE)
: Recruiting members for my team!
Im a decent top lane and a good lad to have a lough with, definitely keen to join
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: [we are looking for you!] Come and trial for MYP!
Name : Rhys IGN (In Game Name) : Pandadude123 Age :(If not personal) : 16 Rank in Season 4 : B2 Rank in Season 5 (Currently) : B1 Preferred role : Top Lane :D Champion Pool (i assume it means top lane champ pool that i can play well): Rek'Sai, Garen, Lissandra, Maokai, Sion, Vladamir, Wukong, Cho'gath, Zed, Malphite SKYPE / TEAMSPEAK NEEDED: i have both Why do you wish to trial for MYP: It's been a while since I've been in a competitive type Ranked team and I'm looking to get back into it. MYP looks like the perfect place to start and to always challenge myself. What makes you a better player: A nice friendly and helpful team, good communication and my jungler :P
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: sry dude, some1 else has already offered
: Looking For Manager - Team Azure
Has this Manager role already been taken???


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