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: 2015 Wildcard Invitational - Turkey - UNPUBLISHED PLACEHOLDER
Swiffer played against ambition and won? I would like to see this. Not becuase I don't believe, I just cant seem to find any mention of it anywhere but here D=
Free (OCE)
: LFM (high elo) Ranked 5s Team
Aye, IGN: Pantster, PLat 5 and main supp/mid (however practicing a lot of jg lately) Added you in game, I'm free most weeknights and keen.
Frost09 (OCE)
: looking for more members w/ positive attitude (gold 5+)
Aye Frost. currently P5 supp/mid main, ign: Pantster. Available fairly regularly (most nights 830 onwards) and very willing to continue to learn. Added you in game.
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