Jimz (OCE)
: are you able to traceroute ?
At the 7th hop the signal jumps from 30ms to 200+ms then times out at the 15th hop. For it takes 11 hops to complete and never goes above 47ms.
Jimz (OCE)
: What's your IP address? Which ISP are you using? Where are you located? Can you do a traceroute to ?
I'm using TPG ADSL2+ in Victoria. I've been pinging for my ping before I start up the game. The traceroute goes through but the issue is that my connection to the servers is not always consistent. Some days will be fine and some days the ping will fluctuate seemingly at random with no correlation to weather or internet use. During this time browsing speeds or other online services/games will perform like normal except for League of Legends. At this moment my ping is fine but I'll try the tracert again when the problem pops up again.
ZFearik (OCE)
: Ping Issue After Update
I wouldn't expect a reply from this company. I've been having a similar problem since patch 5.16.
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