Lu Bun (OCE)
: Well thats super disappointing, but I guess its not their fault. I hope we can play next time in two weeks tho :T {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
How is it not their fault? They're directly responsible for failing to foresee the obvious increase in server load.
: Clash is working as intended edit: I didn't get in game either, that's the joke
> [{quoted}](name=XternalRageX,realm=OCE,application-id=3fteLeTW,discussion-id=arL6mAdV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-25T09:43:22.064+0000) > > Clash is working as intended > > edit: I didn't get in game either, that's the joke #poise Some of us got it
: New Epic skin: Dragon Master Swain
5 years to become the dragon __master_? Seems legit.
: Hey roit if u gona do all random you should put in like a reroll system like aram and make it like the opposing side cant see your champs till the game starts otherwise people will keep doging when some1 get one of those 10 op champs see XD
There probably will be a reroll feature, exactly like ARAM. Did you even attempt to use your brain before posting this nonsense?
og1764 (OCE)
: We had Ascension last weekend? Dominion and Ascension are two completely different things
Good point, my mistake.
: Happy that URF is here, not because I actually like it, but because it means that hopefully the people who constantly whine about URF not being around can be silent for a while.
Tomorrow they'll be back to telling you it wasn't around long enough.
og1764 (OCE)
: I think that doom bots and dominion (for the freaking first time in OCE) would be cool
We literally had dominion last weekend.
: I don't have see URF seriously. Come back urf --' oh but ascention is good too and i very like play {{champion:17}} in >:D
Urf is right there next to it. 2 weeks away. Read before you bother scrolling all the way down to the comment section to complain.
n3mesi5 (OCE)
: _deleted_
I wish Rito would deal with this trash ^
JellyMage (OCE)
: Aurelion Sol = Ao Shin
Congratulations on repeating a month old announcement
: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
Maybe Rito could try asking someone who knows what an Australia is to take over this project because I love the idea, but that's an embarrassing list, it's just not Aussie, It looks like an American trying to be Aussie. Ps, this Soundgarden guy has the right idea.
Keyblade (OCE)
: Yorick is getting a game change/Visual update sometime in the 'future'. So they're not making a skin for him until that's done.
That'll probably get released with a skin too anyway.
Nathyks (OCE)
: The joke You
: best mode vote system i got to play malzahar went 30-3-6 vs kindred carried the team yay
You wouldn't have to fish for approval here if you had a few friends.
This isn't for us, you idiot.
: Ultimate Bravery sounds like so much fun me and my cousin do it sometimes anyway but the only problem is internet connection how will one be able to play if someone disconnects xD. Will you get bans or not being able to move and also what if the person whos on the keyboard leaves lol #basicattacksop?{{champion:32}}
Would you mind not being a complete idiot please? It's annoying.
Demigryph (OCE)
: I think {{champion:92}} should sacrifice the remaining duration of her ultimate if she uses wind slash early. (eg: wind slash to execute someone low then continue fighting) think about it from a lore standpoint. she is throwing the broken remains of her blade at you, as a last ditch effort range attack, as the projectile leaves her so should all her bonus range and AD. THIS is what riven hits you with. she not {{champion:2}} going to pick up the bits of her blade to keep fighting how is she still using her empowered sword with 3/4ths of it missing, rito please. consistency, most throwing champs their weapon makes sense with how their CDR works. mega {{champion:150}} throws away the boomerang, altied' {{champion:92}} should consume the enchant on her sword. sounds fair right ? give me your thoughts.
Who told you that "Wind Slash" = Throwing away 3/4 of her sword?
Donzac101 (OCE)
: Would be glad to see C9 6-0 on the big screen!
: Riot, its all fun and good making new expensive champs and skins, but I think we all want a champ like tahm kench or azir to come at a cheaper price than all the new champs, maybe keep the 6300 ip price when you release them and then change to like 3150 ip, just a thought. Riot please make a Kha'Zix update and give some buffs to ap rengar. And since Rengar and Kha'zix share their lore sort of, it would be good to make a skin for them to share, like, Supreme Hunter Reng and Kha'Zix, that would be great, thanks rito!
Champion pricing has been explained in the past, Google it. It's all to do with release date.
Penny13 (OCE)
: You obviously haven't seen enough hentai, to know where this is going.
Ahri solo? I've seen enough hentai to know what those tails are for.
Gravelord (OCE)
: People don't let murderers into schools bro, think all the killings and shootings around the world in classrooms is enough evidence. How about Historian Zilean? That would be mad
Prof. Zilean. Complete with cardigan and tweed jacket.
: Wouldn't Ashe be a better match up?
You obviously haven't seen enough hentai, to know where this is going.
Jaya (OCE)
: OCE comment section is such a graveyard I doubt even Rioters come here.
Not really much to discuss about this, is there? Smartass.
: There's only so much you can do with pings and we're really at the limit; any more pings and there's just too many to sort out. The next step is voice chat where you can just tell people "Yi Ult Down". A lot of people have either Teamspeak or Skype, so rent a TS server for a few dollars a month and paste that and your Skype name into chat. A lot of people will join in, especially in Ranked. That and get really good at typing "ult5" into chat. :P
Why pay for Teamspeak when Curse Voice exists?
Carnifex (OCE)
: I cant be the only one who **loves his new look?** {{champion:41}} old gp... looks like a homeless guy dressed up as a pirate. This guy looks more epic.
My exact thoughts upon seeing this.
: lol 3 *R*'s on parrrley XD
It's always been that way.
Xyster (OCE)
: THE ULTIMATE YASUO BUILD{{item:3046}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3074}} or {{item:3035}} for people with armour
Please don't go giving advice. You obviously have no clue.
: I just signed into my smurf to downvote you again.
brb, making smurfs to downvote that clown some more too.
: What about all those who have all the champs?
They already answered this in the Pool Party FAQ's when it was announced. You get a mystery skin.
Divoid (OCE)
: if you do, you need help.
YOU are the one who needs help. I'm thinking if you can gather 5 mates and create a human pyramid inside a Cho onesie you'll win first place for sure.
: Cosplayers, pair up and decide: are you friends or foes?
: ***
No they don't. You watched I think it was Kobe who mentioned it. But he was wrong, just look at the wording. There should honestly be an intelligence limit on the damn comment section. :|
: Indeed, i really liked Ashes old kit, and i played her very well :( it shall be missed. they have fundamentally changed her for the worse and one of the great things about her (her {{champion:86}} teed crit on first hit) was one of her dueling essentials and something that made her early game viable. Knowing when and how to use that crit was something imo that differentiated good ashe players from great ones. sigh and her Gold whoring build has gotten nerfed too XD
Seriously, the only time you were even ABLE to use it, was the first auto attack.
: Indeed, i really liked Ashes old kit, and i played her very well :( it shall be missed. they have fundamentally changed her for the worse and one of the great things about her (her {{champion:86}} teed crit on first hit) was one of her dueling essentials and something that made her early game viable. Knowing when and how to use that crit was something imo that differentiated good ashe players from great ones. sigh and her Gold whoring build has gotten nerfed too XD
One guaranteed crit, that's all her passive gave. Once you go to lane, you get literally ONE CRIT. Then nothing for over 5 min. That's essentially a guaranteed crit with a bigger CD than anything in the game, unless you're willing to not auto attack. Maybe you get lucky and your opponent goes afk so you can super-freeze. How about Team fights, are you gonna wait 3 sec to let your passive start building again? Do you ever have 10 sec to build up a crit mid-fight? What happens late game when you have so much crit that 1 in 4 AA crits is normal. That's one crit roughly every two seconds with potential for more. By time your passive was off cd you could have crit again anyway plus the damage you'd get from regular AA's. I get the sense that you didn't actually play old Ashe very well, since you seem to have no idea how her passive works.
: Ermahgerd I demand EDG skins
Pyccknn (OCE)
: Why Nerf morgana, she doesn't warrant it.
Have you ever tried to fast push a lane with Tormented soil? It's the best way to ensure even a high elo laner loses out in cs. Bronze though, omg it's funny to see sub 5 cs at 10 min. This is a pretty reasonable nerf.
Vetopower (OCE)
: Riot clearly does not watch/play any 3v3 Olaf is going to be extremely broken
Riot has been pretty clear about their balance changes being focused on Summoners Rift. The other maps are little more than fun, gimmicky places to play. I know there is a reasonable TT community but Rito owns the game and they simply aren't interested. Honestly there are probably too few TT fans, in which case, who can blame them?
: Champion Reveal: Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time
I hope this actually encourages smart game play. I'd love to see people stop treating League like Mario Kart.
: allow me to interpret, "Only time is needed to get max mastery, because the exp only inclines and does not decline therefor time is the only asset you need, in-replacement of actual skill" also i logged in just to interprat this for you enjoy :) Banshee
Then you managed to goof up interpret hahaha. I'm sorry, I know it's a typo but I lol'd hard, not gonna lie :D
: Because mastery points can't be lost, getting to the top rank is simply a matter of time which Adniz Sun feels is a problem, because no-one becomes good at something by spending a lot of time on it obviously.
Anyone will improve with time and practice, guaranteed. But their level of skill over time isn;t guaranteed to match their mastery rank. I don't think it matters too much, it just won't be the most accurate representation of a player's skill. Remember that Faker won't be the only S ranked LeBlanc, but that doesn't mean anyone else is on his level with LeBlanc.
: Dafuq did I just read.
He's right. There are no negative mastery points or decay meaning that any player, no matter how skilled, will eventually reach the top mastery rank simply by playing enough games.
: Even if reporting did something... that isn't a reportable situation anyway. Let people play what they want SKuBL0000RD.
Nah, ranked is a place for champs you have practiced and are competent on. Norms is for learning. That should be obvious. I want to play my best in ranked and I expect the same from my team mates.
: I'd love to master a champion I never play in normals and have no idea how to play, simply by rolling them in Aram.
I use bots if I'm particularly worried, but tbh :You should be able to take new champs to norms and whilst I agree with practicing on the Howling Abyss, you have to admit that it's not exactly a place to "master" any champion. Particularly considering the Abyss is a niche/casual map.
Skaev (OCE)
: How is Ashe's passive going to react with Hurricane? will the extra damage proc on each target slowed? additionally, when she goes into full focus mode, will the extra focus attacks also trigger off at every target hit? If so. She is going to be a teamfighting god....
The extra arrows from Ranger's Focus will likely work in the same way as Lulu's Glitter Lance, they may pass through units though, idk. That would be a simple way to avoid the obvious OP factor of Hurricane Ashe. As far as the slow/damage application on the Hurricane bolts, according to how it is worded, the slow only applies to units who are *damaged* by Ashe's basic attacks and abilities. So the slow aspect of her passive shouldn't apply to Hurricane bolts. However, if a Hurricane bolt hits an enemy who is *slowed* it will apply the bonus damage from her passive, because this is an *on-hit* effect. It all balances out really nicely actually. I'm impressed Rito.
XxZilvaxX (OCE)
: Well people should learn not to give out their details, their fault if they do..
I'm with this guy. ^ If you're not responsible enough to understand the importance of internet security, then this game isn't for you.
: Oceania gets ripped off also, game modes are rarely present and obviously the Queue times are screwed because the other game modes aren't anywhere near as good as RIFT. Twisted treeline is terrible and has a huge focus on certain champ types so that's the reason why the lack of popularity. So we're always just stuck with RIFT and playing the same map over and over and over and over and over... We're talking THOUSANDS of games on the SAME MAP OVER AND OVER. Something's got to give.. I hope soon that some radical changes are going to happen as this repetitiveness is starting to get unbearable. I'm going to play something else now, sorry I keep posting because I'm annoyed. Bye.
If you're not into playing the same map repeatedly and you can't see the diversity between games, then this probably isn't the game for you. Because that's basically the core of the entire game.
HeartVine (OCE)
: So your entire reason for calling me out on a possibility I put forth based on my interpretation of the lore is the assumptions you've made based on your interpretation of the same lore?
Pretty much, yeah. But my interpretations was thought out and intelligent.
Wysp (OCE)
: Sona isn't a bard, bards speak... sona's mute. Sona's a Musician {{champion:37}} {{item:3089}}
I meant in terms of play style. A musical support who does nothing but buff allies, that's basically Sona.
: i kicked toxichawk out of my cafe yesterday for smoking cunt thinks he can walk rnd melb doing what ever the fuck he wants. "Dont you no who i am" yeah a nobody with a tiny dick gtfo
Can you not come all the way to this website to have a sook about something that probably never happened? Nobody wants to deal with dickheads, so keep it to yourself next time.
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