samuelror (OCE)
: Bronze ranked 5's team
Silver V, started at Bronze V tho. Mid and Decent Jgl. HMU
: Looking for players to queue with Girl or Guy dont matter
I'm G if you're willing to be a friendly teammate :) I'm intense on some ranked games but I never rage. I'm a mid lane main but if you want I'll jg but don't doubt my azir. {{champion:268}}
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Offense (OCE)
Mid Lane main here. Climbed from b5 to s5 from the start of placements till two days ago. I'm friendly imo the only time I'm toxic is when I'm tilted and I usually stop playing when I am. If you need me to tryhard, I'll tryhard. Feel free to add me :D
Susson3 (OCE)
: Bronze 3 JG/Supp Main - Looking for Solo Q partners and to join a ranked team
LilMil (OCE)
: Looking someone to do soloq with
One Trick Azir here. IGN - Phraser
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: December sales schedule
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: Silver IV looking for duo/team
Jungle main, Can Support or mid ign - Phraser B3
K3vin (OCE)
: looking for rank 5 team
Definitely interested in climbing. Way more interested in the team. Jungle and Support main, can mid. ign - Phraser B3
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Dracanter (OCE)
: Silver player wanting a duo ranked
BRONZE 4 right now. Jungle main, I can literally play anyone that can jungle right now, you ask I'll play. I've been told I'm a good ganker but what do I know? Check my match history
Jungle main, I play literally anyone you can think of that can jungle. Check my recent match history, I've been told I'm a good ganker but what do I know
Yousef15 (OCE)
: Looking for people to play with Bronze-Silver
Jungle main, I play literally anyone that can jungle. I'm a calm player and feel free to check my recent match history
Phraser (OCE)
: Bronze Ranked ( Non Toxic )
I know the seasons ending btw, so just in case you guys are confused. This is for next season ;)
: Non-toxic Players Club! Please Read :)
IGN Phraser I got a green badge. xd
: Looking for someone to carry me to silver and get better at the game!!
IGN Phraser I'm not the best or anything, I'm bronze as well. But I have the same goal. I have over 350 normals wins ( Pretty Average ) I'm a jg main. DMG - Lee, Rengo, Wu and Kha HP - Shen, Zac and Rammus. I am able to play one game a day, and around 3 games on weekends. I'm currently on a win streak.
: Need a Jungler for a 2017 based ranked team,
Well I'm bronze right now, still climbing. I know your requirements don't worry. I believe I'll get silver :D This is my preferred champion pool as of now. Dmg - Lee Sin, Rengar, Wukong, Kha Tank - Rammus, Shen, Zac Send some tips of how you got out of bronze too thanks!
: Done.
Guys, come look. I found a magic button. It's called mute. Worry about your own gameplay, if your teammates fucked up, their bad, they ain't climbing. But if you know you did good, be proud and keep going. You will be fine.
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: I'm cool if u need a support (y)
That's great, I'll add you I have a cousin who mains lucian
tomfrog (OCE)
: Hey me and my m8 r also stuck in bronze atm tired of all the toxic people we get grouped with wouldnt mind joining u on ur quest
Awesome, just tell me what lane you guys would like to go
Gragozz (OCE)
: LF Bronze+low silver players for ranked 5's or 5 man dynamic que if ranked 5's isnt up
Phraser Bronze IV Mid And JG main but can top or sup as well.
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: Bronze 5v5 Ranked Team
I'm happy to join, League Name - Phraser Bronze 4 Mid and JG main but can sup and top well.


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