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: Yeah but if we change it to 99 LP, then people complain about 98, and then 97 etc. It's an invalid complaint that never stops.
yeah i thought about that too, so i thought what if a system was applied where if someone were to play on 98+ and get the win, a free win was also added in the promos? ( for those that are plat and under) but then again they'already have the free win bonus from losing a promo so it really doesnt work out >.> im just bummed i guess at the fact that im sitting on 99 points D:
: Riot didn't give me Bronze 5
add ATREOATLAS he is happy to help you
Pikorey (OCE)
: 99 Lp and playing for 1 Lp
testing 1.. 2... not sure if im posting this correctly D:
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