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GigaPube (OCE)
: ive seen that he has great attack move mechanics but hes pretty dog shit in some other aspects from what ive seen. not very worthy of diamond based on macro play, outside of good adc mechanics, but then again he frequently premades so he might aswell be anything with dynamic queue. its funny that the champ that requires the highest skill for attack moving is the champ that he has the higest kda on
What are you trying to prove by commenting? He is clearly scripting if you bothered to watch any of the two replays, just look at how his champion reacts to skillshots lol.
: Take this trick into a custom, practice it, enjoy and maybe take it into ranked like TSM Ezreal has done.
If you watch the replays ImDooly linked below, it is not just attack moving scripts he used, dodge scripts also. Many points in the two VODS below outline this.
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