: Update
Nope still trying it take days at this speed. I wonder why this is a problem with Leagues client and on other games I have?
Essembie (OCE)
: 51kbps down for update?
Yeah Im having the same problem works one week then not the next the download speed slowly counts down till nothing and take days to complete. I've checked everything and its not on my end all my other games have larger patches and finish in minutes. I hate this new client
Mindstar (OCE)
: We've identified a potential cause and made some changes to route around the issue. If you have been having issues, can you please test again and report back if it is still problematic. Thanks! Mindstar
Serkumanl (OCE)
: GO Start In search type cmd it will open up dos. type tracert right click and click select all then press crt x and paste it in to your email by crt v.
: Copy the guy below in command prompt or there are net programs
I worked it out thanks for your help though but why do they want your IP address
Mindstar (OCE)
: [RESOLVED] Connection Stability Issues - 10/09/2015
How do u do a trace and copy it never had to do one before
: So now we know it's not just IInet... :3
Its no ones net when every other game I have loads and play online okay it always seems to be a Riot server problem the only server that has problems US was the same and it looks like the problems have followed us over
: Server being really slow
My other mates in Adelaide have been having this problem for a week and now its hit me I knew it was coming
GigaPube (OCE)
: same im with iinet in perth its been really slow today but the client hasnt fully loaded sometimes which has been like that for weeks. both my asus's its happened on were with iinet (obviously) but nothings been done so please look thoroughly past just the lagginess of the client of iinets potential problems to fix unfinished loading of clients and post game lobbies
Oh that makes sence casue Im in w.a with westnet and its owned by IInet I think
Jimz (OCE)
: What's your ISP, and where are you located? Can you paste the results of traceroute
Im located in W.A and I use Westnet sorry if I'm not smart enough how do I do a traceroute ?
: Server being really slow
I just logged in and had no friends list. I logged out now the server wont let me in its loading but never does
Essembie (OCE)
: Connection issues 26/4/2015
Yeah the last 3 days around 6.30 my time my league lags bad. Never had an issue before my character slides around the screen for about 30sec and I cant cast anything.
Sneed (OCE)
: Extreme ping lag for no reason
Yeah I've just started too get it the past 3 days. Never really had an issue before it gets to the point my character slides everywhere then after about 30 sec it goes back to normal
iNoob (OCE)
: The problem with bronzies and silvers below silver 2
Why should it matter to you what or how people below Silver 2 play or are u in that group?
: Firewall Error for 3 days now :(
When I get a problem with client like this or the patch kernel error I run a program called CCleaner its free just Google it save a lot of time re downloading the client all the time
NinjaTuna (OCE)
: I love how my thread was hijacked, thanks guys.
Dude its what threads are about.
: Hello friend, so we're still looking into what we can do here but what we do know is that anyone who played under the ocean week conditions will definitely get the 4 win boost and other prizes. We're trying to retroactively update the scores to reflect this but whether we can or not you'll still get what you earned :)
so is Twisted tree line giving points now then ?
: Sorry for the delay... I fell asleep and slept for 14 hours - it's been a long but exciting week! I'll have to look into this and get back to you, I'm not very technology I'm just a community guy :-)
Thats cool you will have to find someone who is ;) thanks for the updates keep them coming
: I'm going to dig in and figure that out. I'll let you know!
thank you that would be good because all those TT game should be added to the overall total as well
Windrenz (OCE)
: Ocean Week Competition: Beware of the fake claims! & Try your luck!
Rioter Comments
: Hey peoples! You were right there was an error. We're pushing an update which includes TT as we speak. Apologies and thanks for the catch!
So does this mean Ill get my points from tt ?
Lnar (OCE)
: Yeah maybe. I've heard from some people that Riot are working on a new tribunal. Not sure if any of this is factual or not. But it would be to see something done about this behaviour. I really don't remember League being anything like OCE back when i started playing this game in NA servers :)
: I have almost every champ in the game from earning it, i just realised that i really wanted Renekton after i spent all my IP on runes, and since within the following 2 weeks i will be unable to play, i just thought that maybe someone wouldn't mind gifting me as it would be highly appreciated.
Well I don't see the harm in asking either good luck ;)
: You've been disconnected from chat....you may manually reconnect
I can log in but I have to click the reconnect button about 4 times to get chat to log. I cant spectate either when it finally loads everyone is frozen and a message can get data form server comes up. At least I can play the game right ;)
: Thanks! :D
Did the ccleaner work ? I hope so ;) Its called CCleaner just google it its the free version one its by Piriform
: Patch 4.21 Bugs Megathread
I lost my mobi boots during the game they just went out of my inventory. My mate found this on you tube you might want to have a look seems like Im not the only one this has happened too since last patch . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2rKRp5P-cM
Geldour (OCE)
: Never give up.
I had a friend and should I say "had" friend who would give up when he died once or sulk over chat and just troll ( became to much after like the 8 game in row so I had to say somehting and we parted ways ). I'm always like never give up and when you win those games you don't give up they are the best ;)
: Login Problems
I had that problem twice. Remove the LoL client then get ccleaner (I used the free version) and run that it will remove any stuff left behind but it will delete your browser history and all file so make sure u check the ones it want too delete. Then re-download the client it it worked for me both times I've had that problem
Trapper (OCE)
: It will be nice if we are allowed to change the ward skins in champion selecting. Up if you agree!
More like if u won using that poro skin u kept the icon ;(
Ingénue (OCE)
: Normals don't effect ranked MMR
Well how come I played only normal's lately and my MMR has gone up with the wins I've had
: OCG LittleKazNz's Birthday Wish!
Happy birthday mine is the day after ;)
Jimz (OCE)
: Best to contact player support, to help you out. Out of interest, which ISP are you with? and where are you located?
Im located in Western Australia and with westnet
: Yeh nice shifting of the blame rofl, So even when people aren't with Optus, it's their fault and even when Optus users can access internet just fine and use EVERYTHING else but LoL, it's their fault how stupid do you think people are?
I agree I m not with telstra or optus and I having trouble as well
Mindstar (OCE)
: [RESOLVED] Login Issues - 4/12/2014
Still not working in W.A
Nonalyth (OCE)
: Not even remotely resolved
Nope got back in tried to spectate a mate the whole thing went crap again so i tried to re log same issue as before
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi all A quick update here. The issue has been resolved, and it should be all good to play again. The issue itself was a hardware failure, but we were able to identify what was broken and get it fixed. We know what caused it, and will endeavour to make sure it doesn't happen again. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Best Regards Mindstar
still not working can only get in using lol admin
: Logging in issue
I love how it says server is green when there is a problem when everyone cant log in


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