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Aphona (OCE)
: Mature(18+) Team LF Players
Age: 20 Highest Division Achieved (Solo or Team): Platinum 3 How Often do you Play? Multiple games every day Lane you play: Mid Champions (pick 3 champions you think are your best)(ONLY list three): Lissandra, Annie, Xerath Are you a leader or a follower? In general, a leader. In terms of League, I like to do short term shotcalling such as targets in teamfights, contest/not contest dragon, push for an extra tower or recall, etc. I prefer to follow when it comes to longer term rotational calls. Have you been involved in team based games before? I lead many 25-man raids in WoW and have been playing MOBAs with friends since DotA 1. I was also a semi-competitive Master league Starcraft 2 player. Additional comments/questions: What will practice sessions consist of? Will we go over replays? Do you have other teams to scrim against or will we just be laddering?
: LF Mid, Top, Jg Plat+
IGN: Plottel Rank: Platinum 3 Role: Mid Top 5 champs: Lissandra, Annie, Xerath, Orianna, Diana (Can learn any new champion as required by team) Available Monday-Friday from 6pm AEST onwards and all day on Saturday and Sunday. I have a working mic and all voice chat programs.
HangTadaa (OCE)
: It really depends on ISP they'are using. I'm pretty certain it doesn't work for TPG users.
I'm a TPG user and this fixed the problem for me.
meta (OCE)
I really like this idea! It would eliminate all the toxicity in champion select, and also mean that people could always play the role they're best at. Unfortunately I can see it running into the exact same issue as normal teambuilder - lack of supports.
nar8tor (OCE)
: Guys, i found out how to fix the problem, Go on Control panel, network and internet, network and sharing center, change adapter settings, your connection, press properties, internet protocol 4, do preferred DNS server address as and alternative as
Worked for me! Thanks so much!
Sackboy (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KingDinger,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=64ed5tTf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-01-08T16:04:18.146+0000) > > stop doing stupid %%%% that gets you bustered? I'm sorry but if my team is idiotic and feeds, I'm not wasting 20 minutes of my life with them, I'll alt+F4 and go play a game where your team is actually a team and not calls everyone morons.
If that's your logic then you have no reason to complain about the punishment. Suck it up, play the game - if you don't, suck it up and cop the punishment.
: In game Recorder
I've been having troubles with LolReplay/BaronReplay but LolSummonerInformation (LSI) is working perfectly. Personally I think it's a better, more comprehensive program than the other two so I'd highly recommend using it. Couldn't agree more on the ingame replay system, it's astonishing it hasn't been implemented yet - so many other games have it, it can't be that difficult to put in!
: Bronze is killing me
If you want to get out of Bronze, you have to stop getting so worked up about your teammates. Every player has to deal with the same teammates. Assuming you yourself are a positive influence on your team, then statistically it's more likely that the enemy team will have a feeder/troll/AFK. Ignore your teammates and focus on what YOU can improve on - Winning lane, CS, vision control, focussing on objectives etc. You can't pick your teammates, you just need to deal with it and focus on yourself.
Rok (OCE)
: Anyone know if LoLReplay is working?
LoLReplay, among lots of other programs, aren't working with the new map. I'd recommend LoL Summoner Information ( haven't had any issues with it.
: Doing well at ranked.
Don't worry about your rank at all, it is not an accurate measure of skill. The only thing you should be worried about is your own improvement. Just focus on what you can measure - CS per minute, low deaths etc.
Olee (OCE)
: What do you guys max first on Fizz?
E, in all circumstances.
iLordy (OCE)
: Does Fizz ultimate deal AOE damage when misses target and jumps form the floor, or not?
Fizz's ultimate will always deal the same damage regardless of whether or not it hits. The only effect that 'hitting' the ultimate has is that it latches on to your target.
iLordy (OCE)
: Tips for Fizz middle lane please <3
The two best tips I could give for playing Fizz mid are maximising the number of auto attacks you get in while your W is active, and knowing when your power spikes are. You should always start Flask + Pots (Unless against an AD mid, start Cloth + 5) as Fizz's abilities already deal a lot of damage, and your focus in the early laning phase should be making efficient trades, not all-inning your opponent from full health. **Fizz has 3 main power spikes during his laning phase:** **Level 2** As soon as you hit level 2, your W>Q + 1-2 auto attacks is a very efficient trade. On the second trade, you can often get a kill with an all-in. Do not commit for more than 1-2 auto attacks or the trade will not be efficient. **Level 3** At level 3, you have all 3 of your moves and can out trade most lane opponents, provided you use your moves effectively. There are 2 ways to trade at level 3, which will depend on your lane opponent: 1. Dodge your opponent's ability with E and land on top of them. Activate W, auto attack a couple of times and then Q either your opponent or to the minion wave for safety, depending on lane positioning. 2. Same as your level 2 trade, but use E after the 1-2 auto attacks and depending on how the trade is going, you may be able to sneak another auto or two in after you land. You can also use E in this trade to dodge abilities with a warm-up time, such as Cho'Gath Rupture or Jayce's Q **Level 6** This is Fizz's biggest power spike, and you should almost always be able to get a kill once hitting level 6. Two tips to ensure you secure this kill are: 1. Do not all-in if they are at full health. Make sure you have had one successful trade before you all-in. 2. Do not initiate the fight with your ultimate, it is far too easy to dodge at long range and you lose all of your kill potential if you miss. Instead, initiate in the same ways at level 2-3, and use your ultimate at close range to guarantee it hits. Past level 6, Fizz has extremely good wave clear which opens up a lot of roam potential. If you are doing well, you can clear waves by auto attacking the melee minions once and then using E on top of the wave. You will get a feel for the damage you can do to minions at each stage of the game as you play more. Hope this helps, happy fishing!
Izou (OCE)
: Looking for midlaner for gold 1 ranked team
I'd be interested - Plat V Mid main! IGN: Plottel Age: 19 Rank: Plat V Champ Pool: Fizz/Syndra/Ahri/Orianna/Katarina/Diana (Will learn any new champ as required by team) Communication: All I will be on around 6pm AEST tonight and will add you then
Wolves (OCE)
: Creating serious Team, Open to all Tier pref Gold+ but not essential read details
IGN: Plottel Age: 19 Rank: Plat V Role: Mid Champ Pool: Fizz, Syndra, Ahri, Katarina, Diana, Orianna (Can learn any new champ as required by team) Communication: All methods Availability: 6pm onwards on weekdays, all day weekends I enter every game wanting to win badly, but also with a focus on identifying my mistakes and always watch replays of losses after the match. I never rage and very rarely use chat, except for giving team directions like 'prep drag 1 min' etc. I have some competitive Starcraft 2 experience and would love more than anything to be skilled enough to play league competitively.
: Delta Aces LFM For OCE Open ladder Tournaments
Age: 19 Preferred Role: Mid, ADC Champs for said role: Mid (Fizz/Syndra/Ahri/Kat/Diana/Ori) ADC (Lucian/Kalista/Draven/Sivir/Corki) Rank: Plat V Available weekdays 6pm-late and Sat-Sun all day. Looking for a team that's going to work together and improve over time, not people looking for instant glory. Msg me in-game: Plottel
: Plat 4 Looking for a team in the Open Ladder
Plat V Mid main also looking for a team. The three of us could start looking for a top and jungle? IGN: Plottel
: Creating a team for Oceanic Open ladder
**IGN**: Plottel **Age**: 19 **Rank**: Plat V **Role/Champions you play**: Mid (BEST: Fizz/Syndra/Ahri/Kat/Diana/Orianna) - Pick up champs quickly and willing to learn any new champ as required by team **Days available**: Mon-Fri 6pm-Late : Sat-Sun - All day **Other information** (optional): I love eSports, have some competitive Starcraft 2 experience and would love to play League competitively. I have a good mindset and can both provide and take constructive criticism. Looking for like-minded players to develop together as a team
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