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: I would not buy Chromas or Champions since both are available with Blue essence at some point. Go with a skin you like, or just sit on it until a skin you like is on sale. I'd personally never pay full price for a skin and I own plenty.
I cannot see the Blue Essence prices on Chromas, were they available at a limited time event?
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: Who Are the Best Supports at the Moment?
Thank you all for the answers! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: I mean, I'd argue you shouldn't really be all that worried about meta until you hit high diamond. Below that, consistent player skill is going to have a much greater impact than the advantage an on meta champ will give you. There are of course some champions that are nerfed almost to the point of uselessness as a bandaid because they were problematic, but those are few and far between, aside from those you can pretty much play anything. If you focus on improving your overall skill (map awareness, vision control, wave management, CS etc etc.) with a small champion pool, you'll benefit much more than you will trying to expand your champ pool too much too quickly by playing what's on meta (because it shifts each patch). In essence, macro before micro. It's all well and good to have perfect CS, but if you have bad positioning/awareness and just get caught out, it's not going to help you. To answer your question though, Lulu isn't always on meta, but she's never off meta either, which is one of the reasons I say she's a good reliable pick if you're looking for something to main. She's not flavour of the patch at the moment (at least in my bracket), but she's far from weak. She's also an *excellent* anti-assassin which is a huge plus.
I absolutely agree that she is amazing against Assassins, as her Polymorph and her Ultimate are great against them. I am not much of a meta-heavy player, either, as some of my mains are doing currently well, like Nami and Leona, but I might try others for a bit of change. What do you guys think of Soraka, Braum and all others, including Maokai?
: I mean Nami is my main for a reason. She's my comfort pick, I adore her and can play her with my eyes closed (though it's not recommended). That comes down to personal choice though, much as I hate to admit it I'd probably argue that Lulu is a better support overall (though each of course has their perfect niche), Nami just clicks, I enjoy her playstyle.
Nami is a fine Enchanter but struggles a lot against Ability Power Supports, such as Zyra, Brand and Vel'Koz. For Lulu, I do agree that she is amazing to play as once you have mastered her kit. In the current meta now, is Lulu still a good pick?
: {{champion:117}} She has highs and lows in the meta like any champ, but her versatility means she's always viable. You can't really go wrong with Lulu, she can match most play-styles and benefit basically any bot laner/teammate, excels at both aggressive and defensive play, and has a very flexible kit. If you play support and don't know how to play Lulu, I can't recommend her enough. Janna is fairly similar in this respect, but I don't play her enough to offer much feedback. {{champion:89}} {{champion:12}} Personally, I don't enjoy tank supports all that much, with Braum really being the only one I'll play. That said, Alistar is usually up there on my ban list. Ali and Leona are both very reliable supports, able to excel even when they aren't in the height of the meta. If you enjoy playing tanks and aren't scared to get in there and meat shield, they're a good place to start. {{champion:412}} Thresh is a play-maker. That means he's never going to be a bad support, but it also means he has a high skill cap. Thresh's don't really have average games. There's really good or there's sub-par. If you tilt easily, Thresh is probably one to avoid, you don't have the safety or security that you do in most other supports, and if you are performing poorly you don't have all that much to offer. He isn't tanky enough to meat shield against a fed team, and his CC is much less reliable, putting that much more pressure on peeling. {{champion:53}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:37}} These tend to be ride or die supports. Unless you play them a lot, I probably wouldn't recommend them (much as I love my Zyra). All are fairly weak at the moment, and struggle a lot when they are behind. Blitz especially really goes one way or the other. Zyra and Sona at least have CC/sustain to fall back on, but if a Blitz gets behind his Q (which is basically the centre of his support potential) can often do more harm than good. {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} They suffer the same obstacles as any kill lane. If you don't get fed, it's not going to be fun. Not impossible by any stretch, but very difficult. You have to get kills, and you have to do it as early as possible. Much of this pain is alleviated with Vel'Koz because he has reliable CC/poke and high base and true damage that mean even when behind he can still dish out decent damage, but a feeding Brand is not a threat at all to the enemy team.
I appreciate for giving me good answers, Seras, I might try some of them, except the last six who often get into trouble. I have not seen Lulu much, but Leona and Alistar, yes, just a couple of times, though. Anyone else you want to also mention?
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