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: > [{quoted}](name=PrimalFury,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=pP2LmEAM,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-04-03T22:31:26.282+0000) > > URF was far more fun **last year, when everyone was playing for fun**, and trying new champs to see if they worked. > **when everyone was playing for fun** > **was playing for fun** WOT last year was the exact same as this year probably even worse lmao.
How? Riot banned several champions, as well as letting you have 6 bans. The more obnoxious and always seen champions were removed, or limited to usually 1 got through. Now you just always see the same 8 champions recycled through, over and over. If you think this URF is better than last, then you're clearly delusional. Because the amount of 'Woo URF' posts are far outstripped by 'This mode isnt as good as we remember'
: so it's the exact same as last year after the first few days?
Last year you had more people willing to try more champions. As well as Riot themselves banning a few of the more..obnoxious ones.
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: I don't know how this will work as the current way it works is it locks you to the game server for the duration of the game so that if the game crashes you can easily reconnect to it without issue. Everyone has been the person who fails to connect due to Bugsplats/crashes and once I reconnect it is usually fine... In essence I'm trying to say that I think this would cause more issues than it solves. I think at the moment too much is pushed on someone who leaves/DC's as it being their fault, We all know that it happens and I'm sorry your experiences with leavers has been bad but you know that there is a surrender button there... maybe it might be more prudent to lower the timer on surrendering? Or is it that you don't want the loss on your match history??
I dont mind a loss in my match history, but I can often have players who refuse to give up a clearly losing battle. If a team dropped below 3 players, there could easily be some system to detect that, and cause a countdown of 'game ending due to lack of players' Dota2 has a system that seems to work, so it shouldnt be impossible to implement
: Isn't that the system already present in dota 2? However in ranked games even if they leave you still get a loss if you leave, to detract from abuse.
Yeah, its the same one as they have in Dota2. It seems like a really good system because in normals and stuff ,the opponents tend to drag out a win. I'd be fine if it wasnt present in Ranked, but you're less likely to get trolls in ranked, or opponents who dont want to finish 'just in case'
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