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: Skins Story Slam: Voting is now live!
I loved them all but 'squee-pop!' stood out to me, it was so cute :D <3 good luck to everybody!
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: Preseason 2016 crests the horizon!
OK WHAT? Please tell me I have misunderstood. I'm going to try very hard not to make this a long rant but, removing stealth wards? It was BAD enough when you made it so that I couldn't ward all over the map if I needed to, because you can't rely on your team sometimes, you just can't. As a support main, it annoys me to no end that I place on average about 50 wards a game, and the next person below me will place maybe 16, and then they say something like "no vision, gg" or "ward dragon" when I have used all my wards on other places (Ie. Baron) (My response: YOU ward dragon.) Are you serious? Are you really serious? What is wrong with you people, isn't it supposed to be more of a team game? Isn't everyone supposed to ward? YOU ARE MAKING THIS SO MUCH WORSE FOR US. You expect Junglers to buy sightstones now? HA.
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: ranks 5s team gold +
Princess Candy Gold 5 Support
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KazKaz (OCE)
: LFT: Gold 2 mid laner
Hi my name is Candy and I'm currently trialling people for my 5's team. I main support, gold 5, gold 3 last season in Solo Queue. I'm looking for people with a good attitude and minimal toxicity, I will not hesitate to kick someone from the team if they are toxic (even if they play at a challenger level). I'll add you and give you a trial, just remind me who you are if I forget.
: Looking for a team!
Hi my name is Candy, I'm adding you, if I forget who you are remind me :P I'm currently trialling people for my 5's team (Team Chaos) I'm gold 5 and I main support. Gold 3 last season. I'm interested in trialling you as a mid.
: Looking for Ranked 5s Team. Main ADC.
Hi, I'm Candy, I'm a gold 5 support main, I'm creating a 5's team and I do need an adc so I will give you a trial :) added you
: Champion Mastery hits PBE
With the people saying it's our internet making us bad, I don't believe that, you look at any game and Australia can't touch Korea, look at counterstrike, they fly Australians over, and the best Australian team comes nowhere in the competition. They had one recently actually and all the other teams did was laugh at the Australians because we call things in a funny way. The reason that we're not as good as the Koreans is because we have nothing to measure against. We can't play against Koreans because their server is too laggy for us so it wouldn't be fair (tried to play on the Korean LoL server for a bit to see what it was like but couldn't due to the lag). Anyway my point is, it's not so much our internet but our inability to play against a variety of competitors consistently to improve.
Child (OCE)
: our mid laner is gold 5, but plays at a platinum level how is that so if he's in gold v
Do you want to be on our team? If not then please keep your "child"ish comments to yourself. I'm only interested in people who are applying to be on our team not people who just came to snoop around and act like they are superior to everyone else. You're in diamond, good for you, my mid laner is very good for his level, he wins lane nearly every time, and we have played against platinum mid laners and he has won against them. I would consider his lane mechanics platinum level.
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: LFT ♥ Preferably an active ranked team G4
I'm a supp main, gold 3, wanna make a team?
: Gold IV Looking for Gold III+ Duo Partner to help stabilize my MMR drop (Almost Gold II ---> IV)
I support :) add me if u want to adc me, take it or leave it -CandySlay3r
Et3rnal (OCE)
: Looking for people to join a ranked team. Gold+
IGN: CandySlay3r What role do you main: Support What champions do you play on that role: my mains are nami and morgana, but I also play blitz, learning braum and thresh, however I consider myself better at ranged champions. Do you have skype: yes Can you play at least 4 out of 7 nights every week: yes What league are you: Gold 3

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