: you only just found out? It as always, just shows your top 3 mastered champions based on mastery points, i have 5 level 7's 1 6's and a handful of 5s. Frankly i stopped caring because people only see 3 on your profile and i only master champs i thoroughly enjoy. I know you partially wanted some "omg so many 7's attention" also... soz bud.. well done though. They won't show up in the "in progress" section as there's no more progress for them to obtain. Just list your champs in "Highest Mastery" order and appreciate your topline of champs in silence, as only you can see them unless you share it. Which, unless asked you're only saying it for some indirect/pretense its to do with something else, but let me just slip my mastery list in here for you to compliment if you want.
Nah didn't at all want attention for that. I just wanted to complain so maybe riot will change something if people keep complaining:) and also let other people know that this is the case.
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