: i have 38 points in total as i checked do i get the second summoner icon???
: Account Names
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751914 that name has 2 years and 6 months of protection, so it won't be available until about may 2017 if it still stays inactive
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: Yup. I'm unranked.
I would suggest not plying ranked at the moment. You only have 1 rune page full, and that rune page is all tier 2 and they dont' really gel. Save up ip to get 2 complete tier 3 rune pages or at least 1 full tier 3. you could play with people and get carried through your next 6 placement games, but what happens after that? Not trying to be negative but I can see you ending up in a division you're less than happy with just because you're not well enough equipped for ranked at moment
Afks, trolls, ragers are not just limited to bronze. I've had gold and plat players troll because someome said something that "upset" them. Here are some tips that might be useful on helping you start to climb. 1. Don't die so much. KDA doesn't make or break games, but if you die alot then your creating a numbers advantage for the enemy. Every death after 20 minutes could result in easy baron for the enemy or multiple objectives, 2. With the new champion select you really only need to know 2 roles, (i know autofill but that is minimal at moment) so know a couple of champs for your 2 roles and know what they can do and there limits. Don't pick a champ that you've never played simply becasue it's a counter just play what you know and are good at. 3. If you blow your opponents summoner spells let your team know. Say mid flash down, or they tp back to lane. IF you use tp let your team know that enemy has tp advantage and you can't join the fight in bot lane as quick. 4. Practice your cs'ing in normals or bot games try to aim for 100 by the 20 minute mark when you can consistently do that try aim higher. 5. Ward, buy a pink it's only 75gold and place where you think it will give you the most value for its money. 6. If players are raging mute them, never use all chat it's not going to give you any advantages. Use pings when your enemy laner is missing, check the minimap, if other laners opponents are missing then ping mia from there lane. Don't rely on people to always ping mia. 7. Take responsibility. If you lose think what could I have done differently that could've provided a different outcome. Sure some games it's completely out of your control but alot of the time there will have been something you could've done differently that would've altered the out come. 8. It's not over until it's over. The enemy is just as likely to throw and create an opening for you to come back in and get the win. 9. It;s just a game, if it's putting you in a bad mood stop playing. Play some normals or aram or another game. If you're in a bad mindset you are more likely to make mistakes. 10. Just enjoy it, the more experience you get the better you will eventually become. Hope some of that is useful to you Edit. I just checked your profile in the client. Stop playing ranked until you have both your rune pages full. You're missing 7blues from 1 page and 8blues from the other. You are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage by not having a completed rune set up. When you get the ip to complete them then go back to rank but until then i'd suggest normals or bots or aram just to get the ip to finish them off.
: This game is just full of C****
> >Olaf was never with the team, and you can tell by his KDA, and even with him always roaming, he STILL didnt even get top Damage Dealt. > Olaf was involved in one more kill than you. 4+11=15 where as 9+5=14. So what exactly can you tell from his KDA? Also why did you take Nashors as your third item? I'm no Malz main so I don't know how it would work with him but by looking at some recent builds I haven't seen anyone take it.
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: Another "Bronze Elo Hell" post.
There is this video from youtube which been posted on here before https://youtu.be/5MTO2a7ZFcc
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: > [{quoted}](name=Professor Chaos,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=sU80LUE5,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-06-29T03:44:41.923+0000) > > I know you will hate this, but there is no elo hell and you will run into people like this even out of bronze. So... its pretty much hell all the time yeah?
I don't know I guess it's more a mindset than anything.
torby69 (OCE)
: Another "Bronze Elo Hell" post.
I know you will hate this, but there is no elo hell and you will run into people like this even out of bronze.
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: May I ask how do you check your win rate on a champ?
oce.op.gg or in leagues tab under more stats in client
: Why are we punished for consistently doing well?
you can buy shards for 1700 ip then disenchant them for blue essence
: Where is the God of OCE Boards? (pure banter post)
The Molendo and Pitt teemo and riven tops
: All four team mates feeding.
bad games happen. sometimes people make bad decisions while playing and they just get repeatedly punished for it. It's just the nature of the beast. Darius may have died 7 times but he had a decent amount of cs I wouldn't say its intent feeding. All you can do is worry about your own gameplay and move on from games like this
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: is there anyone who straight out wins Maokai in top lane?

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