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: Why would you choose to support Tectonic, their support/top/adc are inters lol
Cause the mid laner Shok is my friend IRL
Gehirn (OCE)
: Sometimes team icons aren't all shipped at once, especially new ones as the art for them sometimes doesn't reach Riot until just before the splits start. I'll take a look at this tomorrow when I'm in the office and see if it is just a late development or if there is an issue in the store.
I asked my mate and he said he thinks it comes out next patch. Most probably is just a delay because they're a new team. Thank you for the reply <3
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: If Riot actually gave a shit.
I got a 14 day ban for saying it out of context as in Keep yourself safe.
: Falsely banned because a salty teammate reported everyone in the team.
[The reasoning given doesn't even fit in with the chatlogs](
fum422 (OCE)
: do reports really do nothing?
I got falsely banned for having a laugh with the enemy Nasus just now.
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: Hey, I totally understand your frustration as I'm also someone that doesn't like changes :) Unfortunately it is not possible to keep both. If we kept both, we would have to allocate 2 teams to support both which ultimately would occupy resources better used somewhere else. Also Air has so many issues and limitations that would mean some features would not be possible to be deployed and would make players and developers life a nightmare. Hope you can understand and hope you (and) we will get used to this one. MM
I am keeping an open mind as it is only open beta. But please for the life of me fix the slowness of it, that's one of the main reasons why I dislike it. Sort of sucks though. I'm gonna miss the legacy client :/
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