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: And guess what, very next game they have a trio who's adc quits making it a 4v5. So what do we get on our team? An intent feeding mid laner and an afk jungler. How does Riot expect anyone to enjoy this game when the community is so toxic and quits at the drop of a dime? Its so rage inducing it's borderline comical. 2 games in a row lost because of people having a cry, afk and feeding.
> How does Riot expect anyone to enjoy this game when the community is so toxic and quits at the drop of a dime? As long you keep playing (and paying if that's something you do), do you really think the question of your enjoyment crosses their mind?
Tele (OCE)
: I don't know why people think posting reports here does anything. **There is no Rioter on ANY server who goes checking the boards for people to ban.**
> [{quoted}](name=Tele,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=UY5orhrK,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-13T23:04:29.923+0000) > > I don't [know] why people think posting reports here does anything. I think it would be a mistake to assume that people believe posting here does anything. People do it for the same reason people keep pressing the report button ingame. They know it achieves nothing, but if they don't at least do something the alternative is to accept that this is the only experience League offers now. And maybe there's the faint glimmer of hope that, before somebody steps in and reminds us that above all else the privacy of trolls must be protected, a player will see what's written and just maybe, they can pick up a leavebuster penalty and go do something else rather than be stuck with another toxic person for 20 minutes like Riot seems to prefer.
Ingénue (OCE)
: Hi summoner, It sucks that you had to go through this, and everyone will agree that toxins don't have a place in League of Legends! In saying this, I went ahead and removed the summoners name as it violates the [universal boards rules]( To deal with players like this, I would encourage taking onboard some of **BarryButchers**'s suggestions. >1. Mute - mute players as soon as they give any signs of being abusive. That way, you can ignore them and go about your game in peace. 2. Report - [Definitely utilise the end of game reporting feature. Consistent reports are the only way to ensure that a player gets punished.]( 3. **why add someone who you know it only doing so to be a prick? **- don't add summoners that have expressed abusive behaviour! You are in control of your friends list. 4. people who are habitual toxic do eventually get banned - [We have an instant feedback system in place and its working 24/7 to ensure players that are getting reported are getting punished. ]( **As the abuse happened outside of the game,** be sure to send in a support ticket to Riot detailing exactly what happened, and any evidence you may have. Please keep in mind that player support is busy and it may take a lil while for them to get back to you (almost always reply within a week). During this time do not lodge multiple tickets or continue adding information to your existing ticket, as it may send your enquiry to the back of the queue. Also please keep in mind that Riot are unable to tell you if the player receives punishment due to privacy reasons.
> Also please keep in mind that Riot are unable to tell you if the player receives punishment due to privacy reasons. To quote the Player Behaviour FAQ they stickied on this board: "Reports are used by the Instant Feedback System in the following way: ... Follow-up notifications for players who reported a player who was punished" If they are prepared to tell you when a report results in punishment, the best conclusion one can draw from silence is inaction. And if they are unwilling to act, the best conclusion one can draw is that they **accept** the conduct people are engaging in.
Koyotee (OCE)
: It's been bugging me that your viewing experience was ruined, so I've tried to get something in before the games on Monday. If you go to the scores should be hidden for the duration of your visit. When you want the scores back, refresh your browser or hit '' again. This will be a super unofficial feature (and a bit rough). I'll need to discuss with the rest of the team how this fits into our product roadmap, and what our long-term approach would be for this. For now, I hope it gets you back to comfortable viewing. Thanks again for the feedback. Stay awesome.
Thank you, very much appreciated.
Koyotee (OCE)
: That makes sense, even by browsing the VODs you could be potentially spoiled. For the page on the site, we were trying to combine the Schedule and VODS - to make it a one-stop shop kind of thing. But it certainly doesn't cater to your needs... Do you have some ideas for us? I don't want to jump automatically into solutions mode and say what the direction should be before hearing your concepts. Like you mentioned, is separating them like LCS into seperate pages the best solution? Or perhaps have scores hidden by default, and you have to reveal them? Or maybe something else I haven't considered. If VODs could be whatever you wanted, what would it look like? Thanks for your patience with this, and taking the time to talk!
Not sure whether to go here or on the new thread you started but it's a fairly direct response so I'll put it here. I think I've seen both those methods done. If I remember the LCS pages used to have a global toggle that'd switch you into and out of spoiler mode. From my point of view both do the job fine, they let me get to the games without giving me information I shouldn't have. If VODs could be whatever I wanted, and this is an unlimited resources kind of concept, the whole esports site would basically be a point-in-time view of the league at the point where you're up to (either you tell it or it keeps track based on what you watch, jumps ahead when you skip matches). So for example if you've watched up to week X, game Y then you'd get a schedule page that has results up to that point and tells you who's playing after that but not what happened. You could have a standings page that gives you what the table looks like going into the match you're watching which is something I remember wishing I could have watching the VODs. This probably goes more to the casting but when they talk about the table implications of a match, without the standings in front of me it kinda goes right over my head, which is a shame because I love working through those scenarios. Unfortunately I can't look it up when I'm watching after the fact. Thanks for taking the time to indulge me. I'm looking at how I wrote the first post and how I'm writing this one, and I think you've shown more patience than I have.
Koyotee (OCE)
: Hey PrometheusHD, disappointed to hear we missed the mark on this one for you :( If you're looking for straight-up vods, without the scheduling info, you can view them on Youtube: Your VODs feedback has been shared with the team.
Hi Koyotee, since you suggested the Youtube page I'll point this out and be done. It is practically impossible to find games 1 and 2 for a match in that list and not notice if they have a game 3 next to them. Game 1 can be a surprise, game 3 as well if it happens, but game 2 (which is the money game for the vast majority of the matches I watch at least) was never a surprise when I used that page you linked to. This was what the VODs page used to do very well, you never knew if there was a game 3 unless you specifically tried to watch it. I also noticed the LCS and the other top tier leagues got to keep the spoiler free pages, I guess we're just special out here?
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raypie (OCE)
: Will we ever get Dominion
From memory the last change they made to available queues was to remove Team Builder because there weren't enough people. Given that direction I'd say if you want matchmade Dominion (or more of any queue we don't have) you should be moving to NA.
Grotato (OCE)
: How does riot handle reporting on Oce.
I find it hard to believe that if Riot acted on the reports they got and actually did something about the irredeemably toxic people on this server that they'd have the player numbers to support the 2 game modes we have left.
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