: The other guy was out of line. But you are a social justice provocateur; You're playing a guilt game against the wrong person. What do you think is going to happen if you make someone angry; Then use guilt to put them in a bad spot?. Heated moments such as arguement, most people dont have guilt toward their source of anger. What you are doing, is fishing for troubles and playing to the crowd. You were pretty much asking for bad responds the way you were going. If riot can post your chat log, ill bet that it is full of accusations and commiserations.
I’m not one of those people who leave out bits and pieces to make me sound like a victim I’m not a feminist. Most of the game was the people being offensive and telling me to kms and that I should live becuase I have ASD and I said that nazis killed people with mental illnesses and experimented on them and this was near the end of the game and those 2 players were legit saying that hitler was right and that people with Autism should die and don’t deseve to live all I was doing was telling them that you shouldn’t say that and that’s offensive and that I’d report them.
Turzo (OCE)
: So is "Nig*a" "Cu*t" "Dumbcu*t" and all other racial come other verbal abuses allowed on oce now?o.O
Well I’m going to quote idubbbz here and say either all of it’s allowed or non of it is what I mean is saying fuck you is allowed but %%%%% isn’t becuase of its history and yet words like slut %%%% %%%got ect are more tolerable but %%%%% is just the worst thing ever just becuase it has history but then other words aren’t because they don’t have such a negative history yet they still have a history so it’s your choice are going to say all cuss word should be banned or non of them. so I don’t think that if u say the word %%%%% it should be bannable but if you use it in an insulting or racist way then yes e.g “you fucking %%%%% go back to work you worthless piece of shit,” that’s racist and I’d say that’s reportable but something like “this renekton is such a %%%%%” that’s not rascist and shouldn’t be reportable (also I’m still pissed I got a 14 day banned for calling a Sudra a fat slut for taking all the cs and the shyv a %%% for being afk for 30 mins and talking about how bs rape culture is) so it’s up to you either all of its ok or non of it is.
: Lf sugar daddy.
Rioter Comments
Achenar (OCE)
: Hey Six! You're not ineligible for the competition but the final top 10 will be determined by the aggregate highest-voted across all three. So for example if you smash round 2 and 3 out of the park, you could definitely still be up there - but your 'score' to reach that final top 10 will be competing with artists who entered all three rounds. Hope this makes sense - let me know if not! I'd definitely love to see your work. :D
that kinda sucks for me I'm a beginner artist and didn't enter the first one because of my broken hand XD but I will still try!
: Bronze Flex Grind Team Need 2 members
ye sure I main adc and can play support I think this would be good for me b4 clash and start to learn how to play in a 5 man team but if you want me in you need to give me a few weeks since I have a broken hand rn
: Challenger Coach Looking for team
pls help my team they suck cos they don't carry me when I feed
Socon (OCE)
: Thoughts on the minion changes
how about the minons learning to cs ive played games where one of my minons is attacking a minon the minon is on 100 hp so i need to hits to kill it thehn the minons that was attacking the minon on 100 hp moves to attack another minon so i attack the minon on 100 hp i hit it once then the minon that was hitting the minon on 100 hp turns around and kills the minon that i was about the kill
: Ranked Placements ELO Hell - Need Help
if you r in silver now get out i was in the same situation but slightly different, i wasnt doing my placements but end of last season i got to silver 5 and HOLY FUCK everones bad people in bronze are better this is what happens: jungler doesnt gank, gets fed froom costant farm but screws up late game sup gets angry at top for feeding stops playing just to flame im there as the adc trying to not die while being camped in a 1v3 mid laner doesnt win or lose lane top feeds and is swearing at everyone i dont want to go back to silver im staying in bronze by choice every single game!
Sonìc (OCE)
: Free Coaching for Bronze/Silver/Gold players
: Silver ADC/Jungle?
yeah sure one day b4 placements i was silver 5 and fuck was that bad as fuck i did a few placement matches then my pc broke and now i use a shit mac so i would i play adc but you know cant play ranked 15 fps
WilliK (OCE)
: Looking for a coach to help me get out of Bronze to silver 5
dont get 2 silver trust me no bodys is gud there people in vronze r less salty and better no joke
: RP Art?
nice lmao
: It's because you have a 48% win ratio and you tanked your mmr to that point. Your mmr won't climb magically after playing so badly earlier on in the season. It takes time.
yeah i did lose a few games but it when i got to silver 5 and i one 2 games in a row and got 18 lp each and b4 that i was getting 20lp+ each win then a lost a few games and was winning like 15/14 lp so yeah silver 5 is worse than bronze
awf (OCE)
: Am i really this bad
well riots bs mmr system is out for me i go on a winning streak getting 15 lp each then i lose a match then win one and im in silver then i lose one and then i win one and get 13 lp???? its so gayik my mmr isnt great but fuckthats just total bs
: Doesn't that make it _their_ problem, not everyone else's? It makes more sense that you _(the person with the issue)_ should have to tippy toe around everyone else. Than force everyone else to tippy toe around your sensitivity. I could be sensitive to breathing cigarette smoke, that doesn't mean I have the right to go and knock everyone's cigarettes out of their hands and give them a lecture. It means I cross the street and take the other footpath instead.
well that's a little hard in a game if i don't like i cant just ignore it like it never happened i do something about it
KaynMid (OCE)
: I have aspergers and i call people autistic, get over it mate.
well, some people are more FUCKING SENSITIVE!
Nirt (OCE)
: Hey Oceania, feel free to join OCE's largest Discord Server. We have weekly RP giveaways and much more: https://discord.gg/HsfgbMX
how do i join
: Hey guys do you have a problem when you call your position first and the other doesn’t care and still goes your position Because it spjust had happened to me and it is so triggering
unless they called you autistic or you called someone autistic i don't think anyone cares.
: Yeah i've been slowly running more and more out of champs that i can get chests on, making it hard to do, but i've been able to do it thus far. Though i still need more keys because i have 13 chests.
I never buy chests I buy a shit ton of capsules and then reroll everything T-T but I'm getting more chests because I'm actually bothering to learn new lanes like mid
: in game quests
this is just sad T-T
Over Haul (OCE)
: The most useless item league of legends
I think its just not really useful with the whole tank meta it's not like 3 seconds of a tank not being hit under the tower is really going to save him from anything
: What? Your friend is trolling, the chests for S- or higher reset soon, the masteries themselves do not.
lol I've been waiting all season for it as well I have about 50 champs with s- or higher on them the only problem is I only have 1 key
Ninox (OCE)
: So you expect us to just mute everyone and lose all that communication on the off chance that someone decides to be an ass today? If you have to mute the damage is already done, and being able to avoid a behaviour, does not justify it. If someone tries to punch me but I dodge it, does that make it ok for him to have tried to punch me?
yeah, I agree I don't enter a game and somehow magically know that someone is going to be super toxic its after they are toxic and its after they call me or someone a rude name I say don't and mute them, but muting doesn't stop it from happening.
: Popcorn plant, Blastcone, whatever you want to call it.
ok thank you that makes sense but some people just get crazy about that, but something to not do is get angry when it happens to you
: can someone help me plssss
get gud and watch youtube and play ranked
: I was extorted by a duo in game
seed thingy hmmmm ward?? how can that kill anyone
: > if you agree please up vote if you think this is stupid don't do anything just close this tab. Come on dude, you're putting your thoughts and beliefs out there, and expecting people to listen. You might be right, you might not be. Either way, if you expect to be heard, you have to offer the same courtesy to everyone, even those you don't agree with. I personally agree with you, people should just be nice to each other, thats just common sense. But if we both agree with each other, and refuse to listen to anyone else, then all we are doing is further convincing ourselves of how right we are. Which helps nothing! We pat eachother on the back, and the problem persists. If you really want to instigate change, you have to make your argument heard by those who don't agree with you, but that in turn means you must also listen to their side of the story. More often than not, there is an element of right and wrong in both sides of the argument. And both parties can walk away with a new outlook on their ideology. _______ In my primary school there was a unit for people with bad autism and other mental conditions, so they could be part of regular school life with other kids, instead of being shunned and treated badly. One day, one of the older kids with more violent tendencies got his hands on a baseball bat during lunch time and smashed another kids head while he was happily playing on the field. now id say that qualifies as being pretty "Shit", and, and less "unique" and "special" Should that kid _(who may well suffer from a disability of his own now)_ not have the right to express his feelings, even if they are negative ones. Just incase it makes _you_ feel uncomfortable? On the other hand, one of the greatest friends I could ever have, has aspergers syndrome, and the creativity and philosophy that comes pouring out when we are together is quite incredible, and is one of thing things I would hold most "special" to me in the world. And the mere thought of his condition being used in negative context makes me feel horrible. There are always two sides to every story, and to understand the full picture you have to listen to both.
all I'm just saying to people who say things like that to stop because it's really annoying, and I'm sure your friend who has Aspergers was most likely socially awkward and didn't have too many friends as I do and some people may have been mean to him/her and he/she I assume gets/would get annoyed and I believe they would do the same thing if it was annoying them. also, this post isn't just to stop people calling other people autistic but also for words like fuglie, %%%got, retard and plenty more. but I don't see how there can be 2 sides to the story: (a person finds out what autism is, and sees a kid with it) guy: haha this kid is a retard I'm going to play lol and start calling people autistic. me: **** you people have feelings.
: ***
well saying I'm autistic isn't the problem its people using the word as an insult
: fiddlesticks skin concept
would it be a rainbow in a 5v5 team fight??
: What do you want from me? O_o
lmao guess the areliuoun sol average kda is too high
: > [{quoted}](name=JasonWazza,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=EMH9B0WA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-01-06T09:17:32.878+0000) > > No don't worry, eventually Autism will be on the auto ban words list. > > And if you ever dare say it after that, have fun with a 14 day ban. Yah next time you'll get banned for saying "I have autism" lol, I do wanna see that actually lol
yeah I have said I have autism and because I find that you called me an autistic retard is offensive I will report you then (something I hope never happens) I get a permaban T-T lmao
: Chinese Players are Ruining the game FOr OCE!!!
maybe all the Chinese people who suck at lol move to oce to try and get gud but we are just too gud for them
: Riot, where is the Singed figurine on the merch store
hmm singed on the whole zaun theme why not twitch
Essembie (OCE)
: Loot Boxes are Gambling and That's It!
well lucky me in between 11 and 17 and i watch porn for free sucks for people wasting there time when they can be jacking off instead
: Remember when skill shots were actual skill? surrendering is weak
about the surrendering are you Darius or something also it is a valid point about lowering honour but I think when you surrender it is more accept defeat before you start to get really tilted but remakes are just dishonorable
Rioter Comments
: You mean the end of year shop thing? That's a long term strat I dont think I want any part in ><
no it happened twice this year
: Old skins re-sale / Club Ownership Issues
ik what to do for vandal jax and mighty jax wait for your shop that's how I got all my twitch skins which makes me want to kill myself more than I already do cos every1 of my friends has medieval twitch and I don't T-T
Zvezdaa (OCE)
: Kindred
lol gift me soulstealer vayne and we are good
Maoi (OCE)
: Add me in-game. I'm not qualified to coach but I can offer advice. - Adriette
can u offer e advice for being an adc cos I need to carry horribly terrible junglers that don't gank (sorry for the stereotype)
Xuízunä (OCE)
: Does ranked reset tomorrow?
i just hope i don't get demoted b4 then
GuyeOnBm (OCE)
: Do Reports actually work?
riot doesnt rely ban people for being shit at the game but verbal abuse they do most of the time i always report people who r super toxic and most of the time they get a ban of sorts
: Too much dodging
once I sat in q for 4 minutes or about that and got into champ select and someone dodged and I had the lane I wanted but this happened at least 8 times and my q time was close to 7 minutes then after 5 mins of q I got auto filled to the 1 role that I really did want to play man so annoying
3noobs (OCE)
: Who is the easiest champion to play?
: "amount of goodness" I'm outa here, because I get banned for being a grammar Nazi.
: Stop blaming teammates :)
there is no point blaming myself because whenever I feed there is most often someone else on my team who fed worse than me and that person who got fed is carrying the enemy team, not the adc I fed, but sometimes I feed or get camped and my jungler doesn't help so there I can blame someone on my team who should be helping me when I need help to get ahead, but sometimes I do feed a bit even though I try not to by staying at tower after ive died a few times but end up getting carried but as all low elo players do they learn...eventually.
: Am I the only one that thinks yasuo is super underbuffed?
I played a match today a ranked match that I lost cos of a shit j4 who got a ban of some sort and this yas top went like 1/9 b4 he got a quadra and almost a Penta on his own 1v4
: Looking for some coaching from high elo adc
Ingénue (OCE)
: There is a reason that people who are higher ranked are consistently able to climb faster than those in a lower elo. In saying this, you are playing in low silver, and are likely getting a mix of players from bronze-high silver. A lot of players at this level are very inconsistent. You will find some players go absolutely godlike in some games and can pass for smurfs, and then the next game they are 3/9. A lot of people focus on pure mechanics and don't really know where they should be on the map at different parts of the game and this is what sets them apart from people higher up. Junglers that don't gank sure are annoying, but you should be confident enough in your own gameplay to be able to play your lane without the need for ganks and without the need for buffs. They are helpful, but don't expect them and start whining when they don't come. If the enemy jungler is ganking, you just need to learn to adjust your playstyle to accommodate this. Personally I think you are where you need to be right now. Your CS is all over the place and averaging 9+ deaths on literally all but two of your champs you have played is pretty bad, especially since you are ADC. That would be weighing down your team significantly and provides the enemy team a chance to snowball (something bronze and silver players generally don't deal well with and just end up tilting and flaming).
I usually hvae good scores I am confident in my skills as an ADC and can push through most match ups as long as my support knows how to sup but I get bot tower and im ahead and then I realise before I roam mid the enemy mid laner has a score of 9/0/3 and our mis laner is shit and is like 0/10/0 and out top both on enemy and ours r like 4/4 so I decide to roam top and see if I can get my say riven ahead and maybe carry us (along with me of course) and thats when the enemy mid who might be a zed comes up and 1 shots me and there goes my decent kda from 5/1/2 all the way to 7/13/6 or some thing and I lose cos of a shit player. and that's what pretty much always happens in my ranked games.
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