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: I was recently Ddosed in my last game! Riot Please investigate! i dont want to be demoted anymore...
Yeah that's a definite hack, check out the gold totals; 4 kills, 1 primary and 4 assists per kill = 300+100+100+100+100 = 700 gold per kill x4 = 4.2k gold Baron is 300x5 so 1500g there, total 5.7k gold their team should've earnt, since nobody was on a streak of deaths OR kills. Everyone was worth 300g Your team ALSO gets dragon & a turret, you WERE at a 5.8k gold lead and then you somehow drop to 278 gold BEHIND before the game ends. For no reason. There's a missing 1k+ gold there easily.
: Windows 10 Installed and now unable to play
Do a full DirectX update, if you have any STEAM games like CS:GO on a seperate hdd it should already be downloaded in X:\steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\directx_installer I had to do it myself to stop league crashing to direct3d9 issues
: lol all i can say is good luck, you were banned for being toxic, you wont get your account back. aspergers is not an excuse. If you cant control it in an online setting where you have to type things out, instead of just blurting them out, its not riots fault and they will probs not give your account back. GG no re
His team was toxic first and anyone who says '2 wrongs don't make a right' clearly is a moron who hasn't read a bible or realised that gaoling people IRL is actually illegal too. You can't delegate rights you don't have, to the government. So if you don't have a right to imprison anyone under any circumstances guess what? Neither do they. Wake up to the fact Riot are just banning victims and victim-blaming aassholes
: {{champion:103}} really want to cos like {{champion:103}} but i have no boobs {{item:3070}}
No such thing as 'no boobs' there's ways to pad even for 'nude' shots.
: The only thing broken about Yasuo is his Q CD that should be a tad higher otherwise he is fine.
It's like Blitz' grab. You have roughly a 50-50 chance it won't be bugged and it'll work even at super-max range. Long as 1 pixel of the fist touches, you land. Even if the hitbox, which is slightly larger than his fist... But when it's bugged, it's a full fist shorter than it should be and everyone just shrugs it off as bad play on their part. You *really* need to be paying attention to even notice it or record it and watch it at a slower playback rate.
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: Great, Riot have proven they don't care about you or me.
There's been a few replies so i'll try to address you all in the one post, forgive me if this causes offence to anyone. Essembie, there's a major issue with reporting them on a case-by-case scenario via the ticket system. Essentially, that requires that enough players are prepared to give enough effort and time investment to better the experience of players overall. Sadly this is not the case, it's been a pretty solid statistic since WoW days that not even 10% of the player base ever visits the forums. How many are you expecting to lodge tickets? I'd hazard a guess that if 10% of the population visit forums, 10% of those (1% overall) actually ever bother lodging a ticket unless it's to contest a ban or deal with another technical issue that affects them personally. What you're asking for, simply won't happen. Bipolar, your antics aside, you hit the nail on the head. Too many league players are trolls anyway, they just don't care about the overall health of the community. Nor their enjoyment of ARAM. Thus it comes down to players like us, to literally push for this ourselves. Jason, i appreciate that you took the time to reply. However i must admit your knowledge of addons is probably sub-par and you're confusing external programs with addons. Addons would not get detected in the measures recommended in my opening post as they are built-in features of the league software.
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