: Woah woah woah!
I want 1 good skin for every champion, so I hate seeing the same champions keep getting new skins. HOWEVER, Teemo should keep getting skins, because they're all so cute.{{champion:17}}
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: Same, everytime I dodged with 5 seconds left it still connected me into the game for some reason. Ever since then I tried dodging with 7 seconds left , and it always works. I suggest you try that.
I tried with 10 seconds and it works now.
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: 1. Legacy skins don't go on the early sales, but the K/DA skins aren't legacy. The bundles are limited time, but the skins themselves can be bought at any time, so in 4-6 months they will go on sale. 2. For the bundles, you have until the end of this event to purchase them (though I am unsure if they end with the After Party content, or with the close of the whole event). The skins you can buy whenever you like. 3. It seems likely they will exist eventually, but it may not be anytime soon. It may well be not till next time K/DA releases a song for example, and no-one knows how long that will be.
Okay, then I guess I will wait for the sales. Thanks.
: Your best bet to get these answers is to ticket player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new I will answer what I can from my own experience though. 1. I don't believe so, as far as I know you will not get sent two of the same from the same transaction. 2. Again, I don't believe so, they likely don't track that so you may well get a duplicate this way. 3. I believe the vaulted figures have halted production entirely, so that would mean you can only get those they have leftover stock of. 4. As far as I know, yes. When the first URF figure came out it came with a random figure free, and a *lot* of people got Gragas.
McLovín (OCE)
: Chat box
You may have accidentally dragged it off-screen. Try clicking and draging the corners/edges of your screen inward which the chat box is open.
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: PSA: Pings
Honestly, I think people in my ELO don't notice if you ping only once. That's from experience. 2-3 does the trick.
: Victorious Shop?
Not related, but how do you get so much BE? I can't afford anything since BE came out... I'm assuming you had all of the champions BEFORE the BE update?
: Katarina main summoner names?
Katarina Ballerina {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: is it possible to climb ladder as full time support?
I've gotten all 4 of my accounts from silver -> gold playing support. {{champion:7}} However, I suggest you don't play the way I did, as it takes practice. Either play top, or support as: {{champion:99}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:14}} Once you learn the champions and understand how to roam, do so.
OCEshots (OCE)
: anybody looking to do the final climb from g3 to plat?
If you're able to right click the enemies when I go in and 1v2 without dying, add me. I play aggressive/roaming supports. Do note that duoing the same lane will only win one lane. If you're able to carry as a high-damage top laner every game, I can shield you to oblivion. {{sticker:leblanc-funny}} {{sticker:sg-lux}} Currently gold 5.
: Best Champion To 1 Trick
Literally anything can get you out of silver if you play top/jungle. {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:120}}{{champion:104}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}}
: how to keep mana up as a fiddle support?
The others have mentioned the builds. Other Tip: You're allowed to use basic attacks to make the enemy's hp go down. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
GX2937 (OCE)
: How much gold does first blood give you as of now (season 8)
: Twisted Treeline suggestion
1- You can type "/mute all" in chat. 2- Anyone who surrenders should have never queued up in the first place if they don't want to play. Stop wasting people's time.
: Unfair Nunu & Willump's Biggest Snowball Ever (w) on the red side
I've never played the new Nunu, but I say no to removing the HUD. It is still needed to see the cooldowns of your other abilities. You don't want to turn that off for x seconds. However, a solution could be an option which lets you make the HUD transparent, or just show squares with timers or something (anything which lets you see behind the HUD). I've been playing locked cam since the start, and it's just something which has to be dealt with if you refuse to unlock your camera. I say that assuming the ability doesn't force-lock your camera. Due to locked cam, the HUD is always in my way (but also the angle/screen visibile distance) negatively affects my gameplay. Hence, I use champions which don't need to fight or aim downwards. E.g. Tryndamere, Yi, Diana, anything with short range. As for global ults, I need to ulti the minimap. FYI: Blue team gains less and loses more MMR than the red team. Confirmed somewhere on the forums by a mod/developer.
: Tier demotion works differently to Division demotion. Instead of 1 or 2 losses, or something similar, it normally takes *many* consecutive losses, since you only really get demoted if your MMR drops to around a Tier below your rank. You can see how this happens with those boosted to Diamond V. They will have the rank, but still appear in low-mid Plat games. So unless you're being matched with Gold IVs and Gold Vs, you shouldn't worry about dropping out of Plat. Another good indicator (though not 100% reliable) is OP.GG under Solo MMR. If that says something almost a Tier below your actual rank, then you should worry. Also, when you're about to demote a Tier, when you look on your Profile, there will be an exclamation mark over your rank symbol. If you're *so* worried, don't play Ranked until after the season has ended. It's only a week away, so you won't decay from inactivity. Hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I think if you keep demoting and promoting plat 5 and your MMR ends up low, you can demote with 1 loss at 0LP. I have a STRONG feeling that I once demoted without having even been at 0 LP, but I never confirmed it. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Dealing with tilt (Help please)
Simple tips: 1- Grow up. 2- There is no such thing as tilt. 3- Play a cold role, one that ignores bad team mates. E.g. Top lane split-pusher. 4- Never help your team and keep split pushing. 5- If your team comes to your lane, go to another lane right away and continue split pushing. 6- Split push until one of the nexuses explodes. If your nexus is the one that explodes, then it means your team is incompetent for the ELO and needs to lose LP for not being able to win a 4v4, 4v3, 4v2, 4v1, 4v0. If you have <50% winrate with this strategy, then you are not split pushing correctly. If I could be all 5 of the people on my team at once, I would win many more games. {{champion:23}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:23}} {{sticker:garen-swing}}
: That means stacking multiple of the same item will only give the passive once.
Oh, okay. Thanks.
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Fitzky (OCE)
: Why does autofill still exist when no one likes it
I always autofill when I don't feel like playing support.
Horangi (OCE)
: i need some tips for ranked
Lol. I don't watch eSports, but I have seen a few final games... Ranked is NOTHING like eSports. Tips: Play champs that can carry by themselves. Farm. Ward. Don't die. Read guides for the champions you choose to main. Some of them are actually REALLY good. Type "/mute all" when the game loads. Play top/jungle. Or, just play what you're good at and have fun. {{champion:17}} p.s. Your 20-min cs is good, but your 35-min cs isn't. Also, 2 hours a day = 3 games. If you win 2 and lose 1 each day, you will go up quickly.
Krimzonn (OCE)
: Which champion should I buy
Buy Diana. Buy Lunar Godess skin. Become Diana main. Thank me later. {{champion:131}}
Scavv (OCE)
: Stuck in bronze need GOOD suport duo NOW
If you want a good support, add oPuredo. If you want a meta support, don't add oPuredo.
: Here's my two cents. Top is really REALLY fucking hard to hard carry games with. I got out of bronze by maining jungle. Mid/adc works too. The problem with the current meta is that top isn't really a high impact role (in bronze at least). If you want to stick with top though, a quick tip: save your tp's. (Using the first one or two to get back into lane is fine but other than that look to make plays in other parts of the map). Too many toplaners are off on their own little island, and that isn't how league works. It's a team game. Best of luck on the rift.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I have to disagree. Top is the most broken lane. Jungle is a close second because you can gank, counter and use broken champions, but jungle is my second worst role. I main Support/Mid, but when I want to climb seriously, I try to get top over what I'm actually good at. @F33R, Just use a simple champion who becomes a monster and learn how to farm well enough to be able to not let the game go past 30 minutes. Examples would be Tryndamere, Darius, Garen, Vlad, etc... Then, just practice getting your last-hitting as close to perfect as you can. It probably sounds stupid, it did to me at the start, but the difference good cs makes is outstanding.
: Losing Lp because of connection
: The thing about Lee.
Quick cast times, literally unmissable skill shot(s), insane damage while building tanky, mobile. For years I have been saying the same thing; "Lee Sin OP". {{champion:32}}
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: Looking for a gfirlfriend
Please... It's 2017. You'll need way more than 15m for a gf. I can make that in a few hours while AFK.
: Role Swap: Part 1 - ADC
I wish there was a transition from Bronze Diana to Challenger Diana version.
: can we get some vision items in 3v3
I hate versing Teemo in 3v3, but at the end of the day, Teemo is not a good 3v3 champion, and such an item would destroy all invis champions. You already have the trinket to do so.
Reventhur (OCE)
: Any tips on getting better at league?
The thing is, getting destroyed will help you improve much more than beating easy bots. Also, bots play differently, and in my opinion, are much stronger than other beginners in normal games. Start off with just a few simple champions, e.g. Amumu/Udyr jungle, Annie, Brand mid, Darius, Garen top, Caitlyn, Ashe ADC, Janna, Blitzcrank support. Once you get used to those champions, you can expand. Over time, your knowledge of roles and all of the champions' abilities will come.
Chasm (OCE)
: Minion Block
Oh... Was it changed? I thought I was just retarded.
: Easy OP champs
Fiora, Hecarim, Illaoi, Khazix, Talon, Rengar, Darius, etc. Mainly the first two.
: Apdo's smurf account compared to others
One big flaw: Apdo does well, influencing other lanes. His kills/assists affects his teams' kills/assists, raising the KDA of his teammates.
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: Azir or Aurelion Sol or Camille
I don't play any of those, but if I had to main one of them, it would be Azir. He does well at controlling team fights and pushing turrets.
: Spectating on the new client, will it ever happen?
Nightjar (OCE)
: realistically you can get away with having the camera permalocked all the way up to low gold though, as long as you pay attention to the minimap, and beyond that half locked practices can still be fine until you get to a really high level.
No... You can easily get to challenger with locked cam.
9uitar (OCE)
: Locked Camera Position
Good/most players use unlocked. I use locked.
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: pbe "balances" - Lux ???
If anything, I honestly think Lux is already on the strong side. Lux is a support, not a carry. If they want to buff her? Go ahead... even easier for me.
jimuskin (OCE)
: - Extremely toxic and it's always the junglers fault - Can't speak english, only chinese
: fuk you riot
Why not just play? Assume the enemy team also has bots and carry the easy game mode yourself. I don't see any reason to dodge ARAM.
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: Read it again
I see. The line/side switching format made it weird to read.
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: 5 steps on how to escape your elo.
Jhin and Vayne are not easy champions.
: PSA For all you bronzie junglers out there.
You're allowed to last hit the dragon. Stealing in bronze could not be easier. I do it all the time as a tank Janna support.
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