c1osed (OCE)
: same
Im literally just logging in and logging out continuously just checking if my rp is here.
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hey folks Thanks for letting us know - we're taking a look to see why some of you got missed. Cheers Mindstar
Still no 50 dollars worth of rp in my account.
: Look probs not Riot will not do anything about it I can almost promise it riot will make us wait and they probs will do a small update to fix our RP but until then we have to pretend like riot hasn't F.U.C.K.E.D us. But I will say this Riot its getting beyond a joke and we all expect a reasonable reason to why you have not fixed it yet
Nah. I have good feeling they wont give us our rp. They should have posted that some accounts have not received their rp and will fix it soon. Its been hours so i guess.... rip
: i do not understand the server notification is not there anymore. i also only have the code as proof it does not show up in my purchase history either. when will i receive the RP?? i didn't photo the congratulations ID thing aswell... what is going on??
They just need to make sure we get our rp. To be honest its a total rip-off. They should have disabled the store while its maintenance because not all people will notice the notification while playing league.
Vinhtage (OCE)
: SAME! I didn't snip the proof of the RP purchase (when there's a picture of Teemo) D: i'm going to be so sad if I don't that $25 RP I bought.
{{item:3105}} They should have not enabled the store while its maintenance. I wasted 50 dollars for nothing. They need to fix this quickly.


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