Neosinf (OCE)
: Well that's really presumptuous. Could be that his account decayed to the fetid depths of elo hell where you currently preside, and it's taking him 30 games to rise above the mire. [REMOVED] at least deserves a chance to explain himself. You probably feel worse after posting here, as if you feel you've betrayed modern society with it's fair justice system. ATONE AND SEEK REPENTANCE.
well he was silver last season and the season before that and now he is climbing and already near gold, its impossible to have wins only and carry every game when you are silver on your main.
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: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions.
Well what does this mean? this really sucks cause i recently climbed to gold and now its all for nothing. It looks like you’ve recently been punished for behavioral issues. Players who’ve been punished will no longer earn Hextech Chests through achieving an S rank on the Rift, nor will they earn key fragments after matchmade victories. This restriction will be lifted after your punishment ends and you’ve shown clear improvement. Because it’s based on your personal behavior, there’s no set date or time when this will happen.
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: Bronze 3 Pro smurf looking for 1 night stand with 1 or 2 lucky summoners ;)
Lol this guy isnt a smurf, look at his match history he sucks balls deep haha
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Mindstar (OCE)
: Patch 6.8 is live!
Yeah when are they going to fix this Placements crap? anyone know on any info on it since it didn't say anything about it in the patch notes ?
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