: How do I change it back to normal rift?
There is an automated message telling you how to turn off snowdown effects every fucking game. Pay attention. Put the crack pipe down.
Dark Aria (OCE)
: Game is 50% bots? Nice one Riot .. *logs out*
I played in the morning, saw bots. Played in the afternoon, no bots. If I queue when others are actually playing, I almost never see bots.
erk155 (OCE)
: unreasonable ban
Kozmiic (OCE)
: can u get unban if u wer banned from before instant feedback system
: Holy crap, who put the instant feedback system onto 'Hitler mode'?
Hiro1001 (OCE)
: Assassin censor...
Ass isn't even offensive, we get "shit" said on primetime news here in NZ. Censorship can fuck off. Context is everything.
: I agree there are champs more boring than Jax, but that doesn't make Jax any less boring. Standing next to an even uglier person, doesn't make you any prettier. The simple fact is that Jax is outdated, he comes from another time when stuff like Chronobreak and Shadowstep just wasn't around. Its not Jax's fault, he just belongs to an older game.
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=8K8tuf0h,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-12-11T09:45:28.861+0000) > > The simple fact is that Jax is outdated, he comes from another time when stuff like Chronobreak and Shadowstep just wasn't around. > Its not Jax's fault, he just belongs to an older game. The funny thing is, the only time I played much Jax, was back in seasons 2-3. xD
: Chinese Players are Ruining the game FOr OCE!!!
In ARAM, I see these Asian players also always greed up the heals, even when they don't need them (and a teammate is desperately low). There is no teamwork, they are playing a single player game with others on their side. They don't communicate, they don't play as a team. I'm not racist, hell I live with Chinese people here in NZ, but they at least communicate with me in English. And yeah, if you run what these Asian players say through a translator, it's often what would would get you banned if said in English.
Shikoda (OCE)
: My Snowdown Shop
Shadow Evelynn - 70% off - 156rp Commando J4 - 70% off - 156rp Hextech Galio - 40% off - 312rp Buccaneer Tristana - 60% off -208rp Jurassic Cho'Gath - 50% off - 487rp Definitely not Blitzcrank - 30% off - 364rp
Xotegon (OCE)
: Hi, need help with something.
If it's with Yi, it doesn't count. FFS, 3rd time I EVER played him, I got a penta. He's just trash that should be eliminated from the game.
Jacca (OCE)
: Easiest Champions 7.24 ALL ROLES ideas
If you want to talk "boring" champs, I xcan give you a long list of those less interesting than Jax.
: Im not saying you can't do cool stuff with Jax, nor that a good Jax player isnt terrifying! i'm saying very few of his abilities are interesting. his Q is legitimately the most basic jump in the game _"You leap, from A, to B, and deal damage."_ It's hardy the Shurima Shuffle or Lee Sin Insec. His W might as well be a passive seeming the majority of its use is just mashing the key as fast as you can at all times while in combat. Yea, he can auto attack reset, pretty much every champ with an auto attack enhancer can get in super quick autos, so it's hardly a unique and interesting feature of Jax. It doesn't even make that much difference to him anyway, seeing as he's usually always at the attack speed cap. His ult quite literally IS a passive, and when you activate it you get a nifty bonus to your MR and armour _(ohhhhhhh the sick clutch plays you can do with it will put Vayne and Ekko to shame!!! :O)_ his E is the only thing about Jax that is even remotely interesting. Its the one thing that makes him unique, and quite literally 90% of any interesting or noteworthy Jax plays are to do with his E. _(a single ability)_. Even your example revolved completely around him using this ability... Take this 1 ability away and Jax literally becomes Udyr with a jump. The most interesting thing you can do with the rest of hit kit aside from auto attack, is ward jump, and while that may have been interesting in season 3, it's neither interesting nor unique five seasons later. hence: > like Jax _**most**_ of her abilities Like Miss Fortune, Jax is built almost exclusively around auto attacking, I'm not saying thats a bad thing, or that he's a bad champ, I'm saying that because he is about auto attacking, his kit has to support that, and seeming auto attacking isn't very interesting, neither is most of his kit. So my point is, over half of Jax's abilities _(with the only exceptions being Q and E)_ could just be permanent passives, and it wouldn't make _that much_ difference to his playstyle at all. Hence, his abilities do feel a bit space filler.
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=8K8tuf0h,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-12-11T09:26:52.825+0000) > > The most interesting thing you can do with the rest of hit kit aside from auto attack, is ward jump, and while that may have been interesting in season 3, it's neither interesting nor unique five seasons later. I played a lot of (jungle) Jax in Season 2, not much since (only when I roll him in ARAM).
: Bots ruin the aram games
I only play ARAM, and I seldom see bots. ARAM has it's own ELO, and you see lots of bots because yours is low. I have around 7500 ARAM's played, so I escape the bots. If you are new to ARAM, you'll get the bot trash, just win some games and break the glass ceiling. FFS, I have been matched against master and challenger (above diamond 1) many times, and I'm unranked 4 life. Is that fair on a scrub like me? Hell yeah it is, I'll get my ass kicked, but it's a lesson. You don't get better by kicking puppies, you get better by wrestling bears.
: Lets talk about Zoe
Zoe's sleep should only boost damage from Zoe. Not next damage taken (from any champ). I'm just sayin'
Jacca (OCE)
: Easiest Champions 7.24 ALL ROLES ideas
I get you Hifumi, {{champion:57}} is God. So much fun to play in ARAM, {{champion:57}} and {{champion:50}} are probs my faves... Tanky AP's are just teh best.
Ritualize (OCE)
: 16m queue time in fill position
I queue for ARAM and get zero second timers (legit), lmao. And people on these forums call me a "special snowflake" for only playing ARAM. Maybe more people play ARAM than forumtrolltards realise?
: Meaningful Music to a Twisted Fate
I watched for a couple of mins and saw a whole bunch of ks (then closed vid). Grats.
Hifumi (OCE)
: Zoe has a 102.33% ban-rate...
And how are they now? Pre-season is bollocks, balance is out the window.
Dark Aria (OCE)
: Game is 50% bots? Nice one Riot .. *logs out*
I only play ARAM, and I get a bot in maybe 1/10 games. Your ARAM elo is crap, so you get stuck with bots. Win more games and you get away from them. Only in early mornings, when few players are on, do I ever see multiple bots in ARAM.
Ahzoos (OCE)
: Your Shop question
LMAO, that's fucking sad bro. Do you have no other hobbies/interests to spend money on?
: Why is inting and intentionally losing not bannable and only words are.
IDK, I had a guy spewing constant "jew this, %%%%% that" at me (on my own team), and when I said I'd report him, he laughed "I've said this shit for years and never been banned". I reported him but got no feedback. In my opinion, negative in-game behaviour is far worse than anything in chat, I just mute the idiots. I have clowns that join a game, then as soon as it starts, they say "I g2g", run down mid and be first blood, then quit. These people can still play the next day, but someone typing 3 letters (kys) gets a ban. Reality check Rito, YOUR SYSTEM IS WHACK!
Cabbages (OCE)
: How to use Emotes properly in game?
I would never pay for emotes, I only have the 3 I got for free, but I find the emote wheel very easy to use. T, drag direction with mouse, release. Rocket surgery.
Hifumi (OCE)
: Zoe has a 102.33% ban-rate...
Rito always releases new champs OP as fuck, to get sales. Then further down the track they nerf them into line. It has been happening since season 2. Zoe hasn't been nerfed yet because it's still pre-season. I bet when season 8 hits, Zoe will get it prison style.
Hifumi (OCE)
: Malphite and Maokai are now very strong in Top lane thanks to Manaflow Band. EDIT: *Typed "not" instead of "now" T_T
> [{quoted}](name=Hifumi,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=8K8tuf0h,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-12-11T05:45:30.975+0000) > > Malphite and Maokai are not very strong in Top lane thanks to Manaflow Band. Mao is stronk because %dmg on ranged/multi-hit/duration E. I only play ARAM these days, but you can build tank Mao and still get top damage. He is near immortal lategame with the right build.
: **Top:** Garen, he is quite literally designed to be the simplest champ in the game _(and oh boy does he not sacrifice any power to be so...)_. My friends first kill in league was with garen.... while he was AFK! Garen literally just chased down and killed the enemy by himself. True story. No one else really rivals Garen in terms of easiness in top, Renekton could give him a run for his money at least, he has everything you could want in a top laner, conveniently packaged in a tanky manaless crocodile shape. Im going to add Trynd here too, not because he is necessarily easier than the other two, but because by definition, if you're immune to death it doesn't really matter what skill level you are, you're basically guaranteed to come out better than the other guy. **Jungle:** Probably Jax, again, there is pretty much 0 thinking required in his kit: See target, press all buttons, let Jax do the rest. Nunu is also fighting for first place here, I don't even know what sarcastic remark to make about him or his kit tbh, he just kind of embraces his simplicity to the point where you cant even really make fun of him for it, he just exists and does his thing _(good on you Nunu)_. Udyr is another option here, you only have to worry about 2 things; right clicking and left clicking. you could probably go the whole game without even touching the keyboard if you really wanted to. **Mid:** Annie, she's both tanker and has more burst than most mages. What isn't a targetable homing or self-cast ability, has a massive AoE, so missing pretty much isn't an option, and even if you did manage to miss, she has a pet that does 70% of her job for her anyway. Not that he is really a true mid laner but Teemo always has a spot in these sort of things, blind someone and right click until one of you dies, not too hard. **ADC:** Miss Fortune, just point, click, and let go, like Jax most of her abilities are only there because they needed to somehow fill up 4 keys. If you really feel like living life on the edge, Sivir maybe could classify? but she does require actually aiming something, which introduces a whole new dynamic. **Support:** Probably Morgana. Spam Q's, when one finally hits, throw everything else down, press Zhonyas and let your ADC do the rest. Leona too, its hard to go wrong with being nigh on unkillable and having CC on almost every button. _____________ Those are the arguably the 'easiest' champions. As for the 'best', that changes patch by patch, so theres not much point chasing champs to keep up with it _(unless you can fully master a champion in under 2 weeks?)_, but the easiest champs stay the easiest regardless, so if you want consistency, those are the ones to go for. But personally, I don't see the need to play either the easiest or the best. Most champs only have a couple of % between their win rates anyway, so you might as well cycle through the champs till you find one you have the most fun with, then just practice and play them. When they are in a good spot, abuse it! when they're not, who cares, you'll still be good with them because you're not switching champions every 2 weeks, you're actually spending time practicing the same one.
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=8K8tuf0h,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-11T05:04:46.564+0000) > > like Jax most of her abilities are only there because they needed to somehow fill up 4 keys. Um, what? There is so much rad stuff you can do with Jax (especially in ARAM where you can snowball in, dodge/stun, get in super quick autos with w (animation cancel or whatever they call it) and then leap to safety with q). Maybe a monkey _can_ play Jax, but a good player can do a lot more with him.
: Client Store Upgrade!!
Scrolling is hard, make it so monkeys can shop...
: Oracles Ruin ARAM
I just played a game as AP Shaco, where the enemy team just bought shitloads of oracles, even though I wasn't carrying. There was no other stealth, it was just for me, and it made me almost redundant. Boxes become useless, and my stealth just becomes a flash, because I can't be unseen. I think the real solution is to remove oracles from ARAM, and have reduced damage on stealth abilities (for ARAM only). But what would I know? I just beta test games and have entire patches released on my suggestions.
Niji (OCE)
: As a proud homosexual
Niji, I don't hate you for being gay, I just dislike you for your attitude. Assholes are assholes, regardless of sexuality, race, religion, etc. If I pretended an asshole wasn't an asshole, just because they are gay/black/Muslim/whatever, that would make me an asshole. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrgpZ0fUixs
Aethereas (OCE)
: Is riot just looking for excuses to ban people these days..
Look, I shit-talk most games, just banter, I never get bans or restrictions. Expand your vocabulary, and learn subtlety, it's not an issue. Instead of saying "you're a f-a-g, go kys", get more creative. Say something like "damn dude, did you buy that account? Because you play like a wood 5 scrub" or whatever.
Rioter Comments
vladiq (EUW)
All I see is bad plays from the opponents, not good plays. I only got about 2 mins in before quitting.
: Riot's Surveys
Umm, that comment is actually legit. It clearly comes from before the changes, it's now that IP is BE that the system is garbage.
: Wait what?
A new champ is OP on release? That's gotta be a first for LoL. Oh, wait...
Rioter Comments
Intel x (OCE)
: I Get a 14 Day Suspension For This?
F A G is not a derogatory word against gay people, the year is 2017, not the 80s-90s.
Essembie (OCE)
: OCE mod bots, take note
Niji (OCE)
: As a proud homosexual
You know the easiest way to avoid prejudice online? Just don't bring it up in the first place. I don't join a game and say "I'm a straight white male with no religious affiliation". It's not that people are actually homophobic, racist, anti-whatever religion you might be, it's the internet so people like to be contrary. I could say something like "I like dogs", and I know someone is going to reply with "you're stupid, cats are better" or some bestiality comment, because that's just how the internet is. Don't bring up your sexuality and no one will make fun of it. I don't go around screaming "I like big titties!", so why do others have to tell me they like penis?
Ahzoos (OCE)
lmao, I blew many tens of thousands of BE on chromas, because any chance at buying RP items with BE is so worth.
: Its ok to afk/int feed/troll but its not okay to wanna win?
I meant his interpretation of "rito will suck these stupid mofos off and give them other kinda kickass goods." Sorry for miscommunication.
: Gangplank Ult Bug
Post this in 'Help & Support' or 'Report a Bug (NA)' to get a response. https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/f/ElA0rvVL https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report
: Summoner Icons
So you only play 1 champ? That's sad.
: Its ok to afk/int feed/troll but its not okay to wanna win?
> [{quoted}](name=Dragruler Luard,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=Y5z2UzYv,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-04T07:37:47.996+0000) > > Quoting Rito > "Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else's Expense" > It's against the summoner code, but rito will suck these stupid mofos off and give them other kinda kickass goods. You're quoting nothing bro, get a life.
Intel x (OCE)
: I Get a 14 Day Suspension For This?
Newsflash: If you encourage team members after they die, rather than flame them, you actually might turn the game around.
: More about "The Void" and a possible Champion/Character idea. (Rioters please read)
Did Malzahar {{champion:90}} not enter the void and return? There is a (legacy) skin named "pre-void Malzahar" ffs. So all this is redundant.
: Remember When?
You all (or mostly) missed the point... This was about ironies, things that LoL _unmade_ in the past, only to _remake_ stronger in the future. Thanks for trying though.
: A tweek to Pantheon maybe?
Pantheon seems more like an Athenian than a Spartan to me, or do you not know there is a difference between classical Greek nation states?
Teddo (OCE)
: Champ Select Trolls
The BS part is calling lanes, get real.
: Mastery Costs 3250 BE for 6 and 3900 BE for 7???
As an 'ARAM only' player, I have 23 champs at level 5 mastery that I will never receive tokens for. And another 23 at level 4. Why can I not gain tokens in ARAM? Are non-ranked Rift games any more competitive than ARAM? I would say less tbh. I have been unranked since season 2, but I'm often playing ARAM vs plats and diamonds (even master and challenger at times). So people can gain mastery tokens in a Rift game vs 5 bronzies, but I can't gain tokens in an ARAM game full of gold/plat/diamond/+ players? Legit system.
DannyMac (OCE)
: "ARAM only"
> [{quoted}](name=DannyMac,realm=OCE,application-id=pEj6Ee6n,discussion-id=UKafldWE,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-12-04T14:09:23.208+0000) > > "ARAM only" Problem? Is teamfighting not the best part of LoL? ARAM is just pure teamfight start to finish. If I want to farm, I'll play Path of Exile or Median.
: PROJECT: Hunters event ending soon
As an ARAM only player, this event means nothing to me. I receive 16 tokens through playing ARAM, which buys nothing of significance. Yet another event IDGAF about, Riot is making a habit of that. Game is shitballs atm, but keep giving them money, lmao. I call FUBAR on LoL, prove me wrong.
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