: Smaug or Gwaihir?
Gwaihir!! 100% Gwaihir
Shaewolf (OCE)
: To Agent Mindstar, Usefulmoose, Veeedka and Qualopec. What made you want to work for Riot? What is your favourite part of your job? What do you hope to see from league in the future?
Hey Again! What made me want to work for Riot? I suppose my love for League of Legends and video games! I've always been in and around the gaming industry and I've been playing League for 8 years or so now so Riot has always been a bit of a dream job :D Riot is also an amazing company that really aligns with my core values of serving the players. I feel like I'm a good culture fit here :P For my job, I think the best part is working on a live event such as MEO or League of Origin. There is something special about seeing a group of people all gathering together and knowing you had a part of it! What I'd like to see? hmm good question. I'd love to see more art and animation reworks for the older champions! Loved the new walk cycles that came out in the latest patch!
Roxas24 (OCE)
: Will you make a game mode where you revert everything to what it was in season 1 or 2?
Hey Roxas24! BRING BACK OLD SORAKA! {{champion:16}} I want to press Q all day and shred MR before I cast a burst Silence on you! In all seriousness though, to mimic Agent Mindstar, OCE doesn't work on game development and new games modes so I can't say myself. Cool idea though!
HeartVine (OCE)
: Going to kick this off with the classic: Ebon Hawk or Millennium Falcon
I'm so confused as to what is happening here. What's an Ebon Hawk? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Give me High Fantasy not Sci-Fi! :D
: Out of curiosity and my love for Shyvana, will Shyvana be getting a rework or a new skin?
Hey Arctic Dragon, I'm a fan of Shyvana too! She is one of my go to junglers behind Ivern (I'm prefer the more of a pacifist approach :P) Here is our [Champion Update Schedule](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202294884). You can refer to this for upcoming changes to champions. Keeping an eye on this will keep you updated about reworks. In saying that I don't know of anything planned for her but here's hoping! What skin would you like to see? I think an Elderwood Shyvana would be awesome! What changes would you like to see in a rework? ps. I love chatting all things game/mechanic design! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Shaewolf (OCE)
: Yasuo's wind wall has the power to stop ults... why is it not yasuo's ult? It also kinda seems unfair that his wall stops underground abilities as well (for example Ornns {{champion:516}} Volcanic Rupture and Nautilus {{champion:111}} R). {{sticker:sg-janna}} Anytime I want to play a champ remotely skill based I have to perma ban yasuo, and whenever there is a yasuo on my team he is chasing kills and throwing the game or feeding his face off in mid lane.
Hey Shaewolf! The way I see it is; Yasuo's wind wall not being a ult makes versing him and playing him have a higher skill cap. You want to reward players that are patient enough to wait or bait it out and play around its cooldown. Personally I think if it was his Ult it would be a little underwhelming. I think your point in that Yasuo can throw games is a good example of a bad Yasuo or a good example of people knowing how to play around his kit. In saying that; Yasuo is one of my go to bans behind Zed and Lucian :P
: Favourite band/artist you listen to when playing/working (assuming you do) What's it like dealing with 'problematic' players in OPL _cough_ Shernifre _cough_
Hey DarkShade918, Two very different questions here :P I listen to soundtracks at work! I have a playlist on Spotify that I play on repeat with just a collection of soundtracks from video games and films i love :P I also love some of the #ThrowbackThursday's In regards to the 'problematic' players. Well firstly I want to say that the vast majority of our pro players are great people and very easy to work with and I also think that Shernfire is not problematic. Our pro players all have different personalities and its just a matter of knowing who you are dealing with and acting and reacting accordingly.
Shaewolf (OCE)
: Questions for all... Do you play league? If so, who is your favourite champion? Do you think that League will last forever? (I hope so) P.s. I think that League is an amazing game and I thank you all for any part you play in keeping it running. Keep up the great work {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hey, Yep! I've been playing league for a few years now! (I think i started back in 2011) My fav champion is probably Soraka! I've probably played her the most however I really love Karma and Sivir as well! Personally yes, I think league will last FOREVER! :D Thanks for the kind words! We will keep working hard! :D
belquin (OCE)
: OPL Junglers Round Table (LIVE Friday 6-7pm AEDT)


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