: Chinese ruining the game ...again
So by your logic, since you personally are _just a tad_ racist, I guess that makes all Australians racist? Gee I must have missed that memo, I've lived my whole life not doing that somehow.
uNhoLeee (OCE)
: schooled by plat4 oce when i finished last season diamond. interesting.
You're at 50% in mid Gold now tho? Last season is *last* season, and he's got a point, the full tank support had the same damage as you, as Yi. Losses are a team effort too m8.
: You lost me at "searing sediments". Lets talk about science before we go on...
Maybe the water is really hot? Maybe it's a dry river bed? :P 'Sands' or 'soil' would have been a better choice for the alliteration route, though soil kinda still evokes moisture to me. 'Sun-baked soil' perhaps? Something using 'barren' or 'arid'? 'Earth' has the drama, but is hard to alliterate. In fairness, alliteration can be hard in general when you're trying to find a particular feeling. Sediment is one of those words that can be learned from context rather than strict definition, so I can understand misinterpreting it this way, or that perhaps the environment wasn't described to the extent necessary for such a word to make sense.
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