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: ***
it specifically says in the EULA to not do gift swaps. your friend deserved it.
: Uhh why? There is Arclight Aatrox...
No there isn't... It is justicar aatrox. Rekt.
: Team Up and Pool Party coming up!
Fucking stupid. Just put them on sale like other skins.
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: June sales schedule
Why no {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}}
kJs (OCE)
: Everyone keeps asking when people will go on sale or "will you please put X on sale I really want him!"
Sorry, didn't realise it was an issue.
Tele (OCE)
: if you haven't seen this yet you might find it useful That should tell you when your champions and skins will go on sale. No more spamming forums pls.
Spamming? How so?
Phreak (NA)
: You definitely do! :)
I'm with LittleKaz come to NZ
Phreak (NA)
: I'm David "Phreak" Turley, Ask Me Stuff!
Tons of damage? Puns of damage!
Entrako (OCE)
: What Shaco Skin ;_;
Best Kha'Zix skin is Guardian of the Sands [750rp] and best Zed skin was just on sale. [Shockblade Zed]
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: Sorry for the late reply here, but I actually just encountered this error at home and found a way to fix it. I hope this helps you as well. First off, I encountered this on Windows 8.1 * Go to the installation folder for League (Mine was Riot Games -> League of Legends) and right click on lol.launcher, select properties * Click on the "Compatibility" tab * Check the box for "Run this program as an administrator" and hit Apply Now rerun the launcher, mine opened up without the error but took a while to launch. There was a small progress bar underneath and when it was done updating, the launcher opened up and began patching. I hope this helps you out, please post back with any news.
Thanks! Helped me out alot! Do you know if you guys will be doing the list of what is going to go on sale each month again? Because I really want Vel'Koz and his arclight skin.
Entrako (OCE)
: What Shaco Skin ;_;
Masked Shaco! I own it personally and It changes the boxes. I think it changes your e [dagger throw] and changes the smoke that appears when you use your ult! Either way the decision is up to you! :)
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