: As someone who regularly plays pretty much every champion as support i can explain a little bit. Mages go support partially because adc's are bad and there's no point relying on an ADC if they're just gonna int, the other side of that coin is the match up. For example: Enemy picks Thresh/Lucian bot lane - both are close ranged, and both are susceptible to AoE poke My team picks Vayne ADC (because silver elo) so i go Ziggs support (something i'm very good at both supp and mid, even top if the match up works out) knowing how hard it will be for Vayne to get close to those two, i start poking them down, by 2 mins i've gotten them to half-health and we're level 3, whilst they're level 2, we go balls deep, we burn their double summs and even kill the escapeless thresh getting FB and access to the tower, with this one decent fight, we get first brick too, and thus snowball uncontrollably. This literally was caused by picking a mage, not because the Vayne knows how to play (in the game this is based off, this Vayne did nothing but flame me even though i gave her first blood, and ofc i got first brick, we ended the game in 25 mins with 25 kills to our name, just in the bot lane alone, i think total kills for the game were 45:23, inting top laner OP and needless to say, the Vayne flamed me for at least 23 out of those 25 mins) This same situation seems to apply for all mages, and 9/10 times the mage that is support is not classified as a mid laner anymore (due to nerfs or even just a meta shift) **GLARES at Brand** if the idea is to get mages out of bot and return to enchanter/tank supports, all riot needs to do is nerf the assassin meta down, and buff the supports that are actual supports, however given riot's preference over skins than game balancing the chances of that happening are slim to none, so you're stuck with them until riot realises they've fucked up. Hopefully this sheds some light on the question {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Most insightful response I could have asked for. Thank you so much!
Quinncest (OCE)
: Why are casters still considered support champions?
Thanks for clarifying guys. This makes more sense to me now.
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: Need a friend and solo/duo partner (bronze)
Quinncest (OCE)
: You ain't gonna find a OTP Ashe. Ever.
> [{quoted}](name=Quinncest,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=6BAQfemd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-05T03:47:26.670+0000) > > You ain't gonna find a OTP Ashe. Ever. And if you're playing Braum, Ezreal syngerises better.
: Support Braum looking for an ADC in BRONZE
You ain't gonna find a OTP Ashe. Ever.
: Auto-Fills in Ranked Games
It's all about Queue times. If you wanna wait 40 minutes, that's fine. We live in a world where that doesn't happen, thankfully.
: Why Is LoL Becoming Anime Focused?
>High Noon skins >Not western Pick one
WogMarley (OCE)
: Looking for a Silver duo partner
{{champion:497}} {{champion:201}}
: Player Being salty asf
Dude don't be stoop, go report it to the ticketmasters. me love u long time <3
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: Why Hail of Blades was a failure
: Support, Support, Support :D
Nidalee support makes no sense...
JetRam (OCE)
: Banned Toxic Chinese players are coming to OCE and ruining the game
I deal with them on the constant. In low elo they're extremely rampant, and it's painful. They int, call us "fk idiot" or "fk noob" and get away with absolutely everything. I have absolutely no issue with them playing on our servers, as we also play on theirs, but I'd like for Riot to punish them the way they'd punish us too. It's unfair.
: Thirsty for Lucian
: Thirsty for Lucian
It should come out at some point during today.
: Blitz
Not to mention the fact you could be B5 and someone be versing a 5 man team of challengers. What an art in disguise.
: Hey! So turns out when we make a new mode we start everyone out at the same elo. Give it a few days and it should shake out.
> [{quoted}](name=ZenonTheStoic,realm=NA,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=6jw58Idr,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-15T06:32:56.884+0000) > > Hey! So turns out when we make a new mode we start everyone out at the same elo. Give it a few days and it should shake out. It's not balanced, and that doesn't make it fun. Why should a few silvers be queued against a challenger and 2 diamonds?
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: Updated Nunu
Nunu & Willump absolutely melt my heart and I can't wait to see what Riot do.
: I’m sick and tired of remakes
Last time I re-call, remakes were 3 minutes, were they not?
: Any tips for Krit Kench?
JuicyJay (OCE)
: Team to play with?
Hey buddy, mid laner here, most proficient champs are {{champion:142}}, {{champion:103}}, {{champion:133}}, {{champion:497}}, {{champion:61}} in that order, if you wanna play at all, free free to add this account and/or Meatwardsprite. I'm in the midst of doing both of my accounts so I'm constantly changing between them.
valhum12 (EUW)
: Creation of a Ytb Chain or I group all the OTP's of all the elo
Shmalness (OCE)
: Players that go AFK
I too think it's a joke. I'd rather be flamed than have a teammate go AFK.
: I’m getting worse and it’s making me toxic
One tricking is honestly the way to go in terms of climbing the ladder, but if you're having a big offset with a select champ in said lane, maybe try mix it up? Everytime I get on league, I jump straight into practice tool just to get the swing of things, then I play
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Quinncest (OCE)
: laarx sounds likes laxatives
: Ideas for a new Darkin Champion: The Darkin Morningstar
maeiv (OCE)
: Why can't we get blue essence per game??
Agreed. Spending a few hours only to get a skin shard worth 90 BE is a pain.
Meyovir (OCE)
: 'Nico & the Niners' Korean based OCE Club
I'm not a Korean but I'm a huge fan of TOP :P
Gehirn (OCE)
: Quinn was one of the few marskmen that did not have their base stats reduced so she doesn't suffer with the same in-built early game weakness, and multiplicative stats such as attack speed and crit are generally better on her in the early to mid game than they are on standard marksmen. While flat AD and armor pen have always been and still are generally good on Quinn, the crit path is still highly viable at least in part. Most successful builds will run Stormrazor into Statikk Shiv at some point, with the option to extend that into an IE purchase for both good burst against squishies and tankbusting. Personally, I was always fond of full armor pen builds on Quinn and they definitely still work, but in top lane I have felt pretty good when trying out BF > Statikk Shiv > Stormrazor > IE. Statikk first for the wave clear into roaming potential. But for mid and bot I'd recommend rushing the Stormrazor first. Flat armor pen into stormrazor > Shiv seems to be the most popular build atm and is probably just safer, but I feel skipping the armor pen and working with stuff like the above build can win harder past 3 items and be generally more effective against all targets if the game isn't too accelerated against your team by 10-15 mins. To be fair I haven't had enough games to really explore the viability of full crit, and you do feel less punchy in the early game without armor pen, and of course it is risky because it takes longer to come online. But whenever I finally hit stormrazor/shiv/IE I feel I'm able to take on almost anyone no matter how fed they are. I'm just too cocky on quinn before 3 items when building crit because I'm used to building full armor pen so my success with it isn't consistent yet :P
It still seems like Lethality and playing her assassin-esque is still the way to go. Thanks for clarifying that Quinn wasn't affected by the changes - she did feel weaker but I guess that was just on my end.
Blando (OCE)
: LF Aatrox Club
Hashinshin - the club.
: League of Legends needs to make a movie
I don't get how you could tell a story with 130+ different champions, from like 8 different regions, in one movie. It's cool in theory, but not on paper. An animated series would work better - but I doubt it'll ever happen.
: path to ocs?
Doesn't scouting grounds exist in OCE?
Quinncest (OCE)
: Your Ban Picks And Why
Thank you all for the comments!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Draft test wrap up and plan moving forward
Is there any plans to make draft 24/7? There are still LOADS of people on at 3am, and no one quiet enjoys blind pick.
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: Looking for Flex Duo
{{champion:133}} I'm a Silver 5 one trick. {{champion:133}}
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: This OPL promotion with Battle Boss Brand is a terrible idea
: Blue essence system is worse than IP
Riot say they're catering to newer players, but the IP to BE changes if definitely not a leap in the right direction. I remember back when IP was actually a thing, you could get yourself a 6300 champ in just a few days - and now it varies on rng and can take weeks if you get bad rolls. I think Riot should look into this and make it cater towards newer players, something like IP and BE combined, where you get the traditional X amount of BE after completing a match, and also being eligble to get them from Champ Capsules too. Just tonight, after nearly 30 games, I was finally able to get a 4800 champion. Please fix Rito.
: 15/20 games of verbal abuse + 4 games of people going afk
Luciel21 (EUW)
: S Ranks are so difficult to get
190 CS in a 34 minute game isn't ideal so for an S. You want around 230-340 anywhere between there is optimal. And one of your games I noticed you only placed 1 if not, 0 Control Wards. They contribute highly to your S rank. I play on average 9.6 CS p/m and sometimes I don't even get an S, despite everything being perfect.
: [SRE and SRA Recruiting] [OCE] Looking many roles, message fast!
Hey there, I'm currently unranked but shooting through my level 30 grind. Varying on my placements afterwards, and the rank I get, maybe I could get in contact with you about joining Academy, maybe as an ADC sub. Thank for reading!
: Hey dude, I'm on my Shaco only account, we could grind together soon if you're down? IGN: Cxnt of a Clown
> [{quoted}](name=Cxnt of a Clown,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=A3EX1mdE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-07T03:51:37.910+0000) > > Hey dude, I&#x27;m on my Shaco only account, we could grind together soon if you&#x27;re down? > > IGN: Cxnt of a Clown Shaco one tricks. I love these people. Massive respect to the mindset you have to endure when playing that prick of a champ. <3
: Thoughts on Ultimate Hat Rune.
As an ADC main, I don't feel too affected by it. It put a big kick in my ass for Varus, however, but in saying that, I dropped Varus from my pool over the Ultimate Hat loss. Absolutely damn shame for Karthus players but. Massive F to them.
: Will Riot Do Something About this?
It's typically the bronze mindset, and sadly there's not much you can do except report and pray to Riot action gets taken. You know what they say but, if you want something stop at nothing to do it. Keep improving and maybe a feeding Soraka won't be an issue.
: Blue Essence
I agree with you completely. If they treated Blue Essence the way they treated IP, it'd be fine. Nowadays, it takes you somewhat anywhere between 50-100 games just to get a 6300BE champ. I think it's a joke.
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