: Nope. They're the same as the borders that have come with any other skin, they're permanent, even if you don't own the skin at the time you get the borders.
I'm delighted to hear that! Thank you friend:)
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: I mean no, you clearly haven't met our community. It would be used to ridicule "casuals", especially in ranked, for no real upside.
There's pros and cons with the hypothetical implementation of my request. If you decide to reside on that side of spectrum that's okay, however, having played more than 6k games + in total on this server, I'm inclined to believe that players wouldn't ultimately use it to bully others. I have been around since season 2, people I've come across with only seldom use their ranks to show superiority. Anyways, I agree that whether this feature would end up being purposeful, or discouraging is quite controversial, but do not be blinded by what the MINORITY of players do. Cheers, A zed Main{{champion:238}}
: All this would lead to, is people abusing others for being lower level. We all know this community is toxic trash, why give the trolls more fuel?
Haha, hey there, I understand your concerns, but I don't think people would really use it as a tool to pick on other players. Specifically, it would encourage players to play the game more, since their levels are now 'globally' recognised. This subtle yet highly effective feature, would presumably be a good way of attracting more people to the game, or urging ex-veterans to start again. We all clearly know, that most player strive for their ranks to predominantly get the coloured border at the end of the season; just so that they can exhibit their skill level through to other players. Displaying levels as well with it would not be the cherry on top, but instead, it would give more purpose for players to level up, hence play the game more often. I hope RIOT sees this POST and brings it into DISCUSSION. Thank you, A summoner {{champion:238}}
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: Hey there, Are you referring to the old forums titles of "Senior Member", "Junior Member", etc? (These no longer exist on the new boards platform) Or are you asking about how to join the boards volunteer program?
Thank you mate, yes i was referring to the old forums titles of "Senior Member!
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