: Be Victorious
Why does it have to be another support champion >:(
: i mean it could be {{champion:238}} cause he also has blades on his arms and one stays sheathed 90% of the time
Does zed have horns and wear a skirt-type thing
: Let’s talk about the Server Skin
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi Dark Caster, That's correct - Oceania will be the first "live" server in the normal patch release schedule. PBE will still be released roughly 2 weeks prior, as it is now.
So you're saying we're getting a PBE or is it still only available for NA, EU servers? Please respond, Rifles
Mindstar (OCE)
: Upcoming change to patch day
It's alot to ask but could we get a PBE Server considering we're going to be the first server to receive the patch updates?
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: Why are you guys doing another Kat and Nid skin? They already have tons.... Cant we get something like a Quinn skin?
Quinn sucks...
: huge nerfs for a reworked shitty E....all cos she LOOKS better? thats the saddest shit ive seen.
AP Trist mid will be so strong now... you just have to press e a couple autos w ignite ult
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Mysticnz (OCE)
: OCE 1v1 Tournament! 11th of January, OPEN TO ALL!
IGN: Rifles :) Can you confirm ?


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