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: Can i join?
nw man ive already added u if u want to join our discord just ask and ill send u an inv :D
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: I think im done
in response to some of the comments yes mobas are generally competitive that is the nature of that genre but the state of each player is something completely different, if u do jump into a game for example and have 4 other people on your team who are toxic its basically unavoidable to get blamed for everything by others even if they are doing wrong aswell. that being said u should be allowed to play a game and have fun thats basically been a general concensus produced by gaming since forever, and if u cant find that then wats the point of playing. if it helps though there are people out there who have same point of view of playing a game for FUN, and u can find them if u search enough, like others have posted there are different options like in games, adding new people and joining new clubs who share that point of veiw, I am basically in a club that shares that point of view of playing the game for fun and without toxicity from each other, even though were small with only bout 20 people its still better having people who share that view and want to enjoy themselves. to the original poster just try to find wat u originally loved bout the game that wanted u to play it more and that there are people out there who are the same as u and who go through the same thing, ur not alone after all it is a gaming community and not all of it is bad. :D
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Rahmi (OCE)
: How to play Udyr in Bronze Elo
tbh pretty nice video made me laugh, nice use of sound effects, just be careful of copyright issues with youtube :)
: Ummm, well... Champ select frozen at 0 seconds
dont worry think alot of people are getting it server crashes when recconecting to games, hopefully riot already knows and is trying to fix it
Twıst (OCE)
: Looking for members
hey everyone im part of this team thing aswell, just looking for some more people to join the team basically meet more people and have fun playing some league u dont have to be god like or anything as long as u want to have a good time and willing to learn anyones welcome. we have curse so can constantly talk to each other and relax. so yea come join on the fun looking forward to seeing u on the rift :D


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