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: May he rest in peace, I'm so sorry for your loss. Ownership can possibly work just like any other non-gaming company - for example, for bank accounts, etc, don't you just need like a death certificate to certify their passing to gain access? I mean, something along those lines, I don't really have much experience to the situation but yeah. I mean giving Riot maybe some sort of proof would be sufficient enough, surely? And maybe there is an easier option - do you know his email password? Seems like you'd be hacking, but yeah... Look I don't know, just throwing ideas out. But once again, so sorry :(
Thanks, I think my best bet is to lodge a ticket and go from there :)
: My little brother passed away recently
Thanks for the comments @nochillgamer and @kenyans. Yeah I knew it was a bit of a stretch for the merge, but maybe I could try and ticket for ownership, hopefully this would qualify as a special case. I don't think I could guess his password however, it could be anything.
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