: Find your name on the reef!
Lol ok. So I didn't get enough points to get on the Nautilus reef. But did I get enough for the mural?
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
yay urf on my birthday <3
: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
will there b an option to change back to normal
: Not whining bc its my fault but i bought project fiora yesterday :(
Dude you might be able to get a partial refund as the sale was not announced
: Jhinstalocks*
That {{champion:202}} pun was {{champion:202}}teresting
: New free champion rotation: Aatrox, Annie, Brand and more!
Gonna see so many {{champion:202}} instalocks
: yeah {{champion:115}} and{{champion:105}} soo dumb
Lol the question is why is {{champion:17}} free
: Ocean Week Mystery Champion update!
Got {{champion:267}} thanks Rito
: Double IP Weekend is live!
{{champion:98}} ...{{champion:98}} everywhere
: Shen Shadow Dashes over to Live
Gonna see a lot of people instalocking {{champion:98}} {{item:3070}}
: Champion and skin sale: 26/01 - 30/01
lol finally project yasuo
: Dev Blog: Updates and Splash Art
lol is that Shockblade {{champion:238}} next to Frozen {{champion:98}}
: The Summer Sale is here!
Still waiting for Project {{champion:157}}
: January Early Sales!
Still waiting for project {{champion:157}}
: January Early Sales!
still waiting for project yasuo
: Champion and skin sale: 19/01 - 23/01
Still waiting for that Project{{champion:157}} skin
: February sales schedule
When is Project yas on sale
: Doom Bots
Zed doom bot
: Ocean Week diorama and art contest!
do we have to draw ocean week themed champions or can i just draw {{champion:238}} ???


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