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Deadspec (OCE)
: Skin "Molten Zac"
yea a great idea maybe when his passive ends the blobs could get sucked into the ground and burst up
JesseDog (OCE)
ive already got my crit runes my life is complete
: Dude. I feel you. Managed to hoard 16000ip. Time to spend.
i had under 1k now ive got 7.5k since ive heard about it
Falconite (OCE)
: ===Mages with cc, some burst and good poke===
well nidalee doesnt have cc but a great poke if u are good at skill shots, she has burst in her cougar form and a gank protection (her traps)
: I just got a 'low priority que'... again..
you could try restarting the router every few days or so that worked for me when i was getting lagg spikes
Chut45 (OCE)
: Master Yi Regards
yes him and yasuo need nerfs badly but thats my opinion
: Primary role selector in Champion select
what happend to the seach bar???
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Tristana rework thoughts????
Explosive charge = rip turrets
: I just realised this guy is from NA, he probably posted on the wrong forum.
: Still your fault for locking in.
PCSpro (OCE)
: What skins did you get from Riot!!! ^_^
commando garen oh and how much is that?
: Extra bonus RP is here for a limited time!
here is my problem i have 30 dollars saved up and the shop i went to only had 10 dollar cards not 25 so i got two 10 dollar cards not a 25 card {{item:3070}}
wakiZashi (OCE)
: It was Atma's Impaler and it wasn't even supposed to be built on AD champs, it was supposed to be built on tanks who wanted an AD boost; long story short, that's pretty broken on champs like Yasuo who at the time already had a passive shield which would get recharged stupidly fast from the windwall passive effect. So no, it ain't coming back.
and yasou was already broken enough without atmas impaler so why bring back
: Elise and Thresh don the Blood Moon mask
blood moon would suit zed i think {{champion:238}}
Epica (OCE)
: Matchmaking is "Balanced"...
ive had stuff like that in ranked last ranked game i played i was mid and our bot lane was unranked versing a gold adc and silver supp maybe they were duo with someone else but i dont know how unranked was versing was put in a silver-gold ranked match
Justify (OCE)
: pft, u should of surrendered, no point trying
: A new game mode idea
you could have a champion with full cc abilites which would be fun/op
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