brachyura (OCE)
: This is an absolute bloody joke. NZ is 3 hours ahead of most of Australia. Thus meaning all of them should be asleep. If they play and lose due to ISP Problems then that's there fault.... Put the bloody ranked servers back up, all of us shouldn't have to suffer for an issue that's only affecting them. If someone has a car accident on the road do you shut every single road down?
Yeah man it's 2 oclock everyone must be asleep right? wot
Mindstar (OCE)
: ** Update @ 2000 AEDT ** The update we've received indicates that progress is slow on the cable repairs. Suppliers are still in the process of running replacement cables and following that will need to re-splice them into existing ones. We're keeping Ranked disabled until it is fixed due to the impact that it has on players directly on the affected ISPs, which will have knock-on effects in causing them to disconnect from their team in games that they might join.
Any suggestions on alternative ways to waste my life then? :/
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