: cant login at the moment anyone else?
that was a quick fix try now i had the same problem
: Oh m8 stop being such a sook about other people's opinions and let them ask for new things to complement the old, the whole part of the boards is to share ideas and if your idea of sharing ideas is to just cull off everyone who isn't the same as you then seriously your fascist AND insane.
you realise the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result.. seriously that is what you are doing, you are right about boards being a place for opinion and what do you think this? this is my opinion, I'm just saying that its just wrong to be that repetitive with something, seriously play some other champions and grow your champion pool..
: http://www.newsoflegends.com/index.php/darius-mordekaiser-updates-soon-lyte-on-team-builder-draft-vote-kick-in-champion-select-upcoming-changes-to-promo-matches-context-for-yorick-rework-delay-ironstylus-on-poppys-visual-update-42872/ Promo will be removed according to this post but probably not happening anytime before season 6
once they remove promos i think i might cri a tear of happiness (single tear)
: Skins or ward skins. I'd never buy Champions with RP if you can help it. Right now there are "random" ward skins for 390RP, basically a ward skin for 40% off as long as you don't care which one you get
no there isn't? they took that down man :c
Thae (OCE)
: Skar-Gnar
loving the idea! please riot the new skin is okay but i want something awesome.. and maybe a quote when he runs into a enemy skarner "shhoooooooo skarrrrrrnnnneeerrr" cause we all know he's bit on the derp side when it comes to talking
: no
oh mate stop being a sook and play other champions, the whole part of the game is it have fun and if your idea of fun is to just repeatedly play the same player then seriously your insane..
AliGantz (OCE)
: Maybe just play other champs?
Buzms (OCE)
: Help me Bronze :;c
Personal tip here, i was in b5 and was stuck in there due to trolls and feeders and unknowledgable players, i rose to b3 in a week when i found out what i needed to do right, your main objective is to win lane, if you can't and you lose it then farm under tower, also it helped me when i stopped going for kills and more for objectives, also roaming to other lanes if you have won yours helps you to give your advantage to other people (e.g. you are top, your playing irelia, you win lane and you decide to push the wave and then roam to mid and help him with a 3 man gank) therefore if you have 3 people in the midland then you can damage the mid current info take it, But this is all easy to say and hard to achieve with people flaming, trolling, afking etc in bronze and i am currently dealing with all this in B3, i have had a bitzcrank mid with smite and didn't even get a smite item.. anyways all you need to do is focus objectives and realise that 16cs (i think) is about as much gold as a kill. but to win games you need a smaller champion pool, and to throughly have the knowledge of that champion, the counters, the abilities, her auto attack damage, everything... but that is to just improve :D you will never win 100% of your games, your bound to lose some but a good thing to keep in mind is to be positive and don't flame, because flaming doesn't solve anything :D anyways i hope i helped if not then oh well i tried and "good luck in solo queue and have a wonderful day" (gbay99 quote)
: Yes, but you can find it if you search for it. The sort by "release date" thing is broken. It has really old skins as listed only coming out recently.
dude i understand that and all but what I'm saying is that maybe riot might want to fiddle with some things to correct this, not that i couldn't find it, it was just to warn riot about it :D but thank you anyways
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=RLG Shaky,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=MA11hbqh,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-07-12T15:00:47.992+0000) > > this is true indeed. but riot intended to make it a more team oriented play who could save there adc s life. yes trolls use him, but he's intent was to be a support who had a unique kit which i personally is pretty neat, but your right trolls and toxic people can use him for "evil" Riot's intentions are good but something like that is by far a stupid choice. A toxic Tahm Kench is your team's loss.
yes this is true but i think they are aiming for high elo players who are less toxic (to an extent) and the plays you can do with him are incredible but i think that he's a massive troll pick for people in bronze to gold (my opinion)
: There are far more ways to troll than using abilities. Like just flat out leaving. Or feeding. Or stealing your junglers buffs and giving them to the enemy. You're acting as if trolling is new, it's not. If the person playing Tahm wants to troll they were going to do it regardless, changing Tahms' abilities won't improve that. Some people are just assholes.
ok so as a vayne who needs lifesteal to sustain in a fight, he eats them and then goes into the battle and throws them putting the ad in the middle of the fight being aimed and taken out in a matter of seconds... there is no better way to troll then that to be honest..
Jink (OCE)
: Arcade Legendary Riven Skin wherE?
No where i hope. {{item:3151}}
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: "temmo" smoking dat dank kush.
look at the rat all high and shit!
: Teemo Fan Art
"temmo" smoking dat dank kush.
BackFire (OCE)
: my last game with him as my support he got mad over something stupid and every teamfight would eat me and run me to the enemy, you cant be spit out for like 4 or 5 seconds or something stupid like that. not to mention the fact as you are about to get a kill he eats you. It is a stupid mechanic designed for trolls even more than bards ult. Riot please.
this is true indeed. but riot intended to make it a more team oriented play who could save there adc s life. yes trolls use him, but he's intent was to be a support who had a unique kit which i personally is pretty neat, but your right trolls and toxic people can use him for "evil"
: Teemo Is Evil
your laugh doe {{item:3151}}
: Is it the doll you find in the undead asylum that takes you to the painted world?
yeah sure whatever matey
: He was already gutted pretty deep but I think hes in a good spot atm.
your joking right? its pretty much headbutt your keyboard and then win..
: Yeah Runeglaive is pretty terrible on him, can't lie. Basically forced to buy Cinderhulk to have a jungle item that isn't completely wasted on him and build more AP bruiser.
what about the new item that came out? i don't personally play fiddle but that item would work well with him wouldn't it?
Rioter Comments
: When will the tank meta end?
: What?
my exact reaction^
sneezee (OCE)
i have to admit its a great drawing and i can see why you would love it but its such a inaccurate drawing, sion has he's hair tied up, only one shoulder pad, has a massive red glowing hole in he's belly and he's axe is totally off, amazing drawing but to inaccurate to be a splash art
Zenoaxes (OCE)
: Ezreal Basic Attack looks Bland
SexP3ke (OCE)
: Depends what your after, a carry like champion, tanky, CC machine. You want to win team fights (wukong, malphite) or win lane (darius,), or farm and destroy shit (jax, trynd) what ever is the most fun to you, learning a champion is the most important part. I use to find making trynd work really hard, but now just rape in top most of the time, even a simple champ like him has so much depth.
> Even a simple champ like him has so much depth. Deep.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: I'll play! Add me in game and when you hit 1,000 we'll rock it.
what a awesome rioter who interacts with the community :D
SexP3ke (OCE)
: That hurt my feelings
if you play tryndermere you lose the rights to have feelings
: Dear Riot and Players (My honest thought about Pool Party Team-up week)
to be honest they should have made the amour of points you needed to get the skin a lot more say like 100 which is 10 games which is fair, all things that can be taken into consideration for next event :D
: Add for premade in pool party
you realise its over right..
: all you need is one slow and jax cannot stick to you whatsoever, and he won't be able to gap close for about 5 seconds
you realise he vcan 5 man stun burst damage and jump if you escape.. he is a god champion
: teambuilder sucks a fat one.... y not have both? normal draft and dominion?
Yondas (OCE)
: Can we replace teambuilder queue with Normals draft pick?
how about instead of normals draft picks, they bring back Dominion :D i think yes, but i agree 100% with team builder being garbage and should be replaced.
: Or when the Hud Update comes out they could make it possible to do in game. You know like they are doing.
true^ (ps sorry i read wrong the first time) ://
Paz (OCE)
: Tahm Kench & Twisted Fate Theory!
: it's for like 7 seconds, and really jax has recieved nothing but nerfs lately
7 seconds in a team fight is a long time :/
: implying trynd was ever here
maybe tyndamere is actually a figure of our imaginations o.0
jonifob (OCE)
: nobody buffed jax
read the patch notes for the upcoming patch..
: Its so difficult to get into Bronze..
well your not trying hard enough
Rioter Comments
Maraudaur (OCE)
: I believe the community will make it happen!
You sir have to much faith.
Ahzoos (OCE)
: RIP cant connect
this has been happening alot to me :c and now i don't get pool party munro :c
kJs (OCE)
: I recently versed a team comp with {{champion:25}} Support and Tank {{champion:2}} Jungle. It was crazy, no amount of CC could lock any of them down. If we focused {{champion:245}} then he would ult, the {{champion:17}} was not a good focus, his shrooms were everywhere and he was actually quite tanky if I remember. We couldn't lock down the {{champion:104}} ADC either. I was {{champion:58}} Jungle, we had a {{champion:14}} Top, {{champion:111}} Support, with a bad {{champion:76}} ADC. The enemy was unkillable.
we had a game where my 'new to the game' mate, fed a ryze till he was 20/2 and he took three ults to kill him due to him having so much spell vamp that we just couldn't take him... it was a hard game and no matter what we did we still lot, he was a monster.. everyone else had counter play and we could at least try a duel or team fight but when he came along then we fled cause he could 3 shot us... played a few lately and he's just broken, FIX PLEASE RIOT :D
: Ryze is like the most broken champ of LoL, literally. Considering he has time and time again, defeated Riot in the game of balance by being broken OP like 4 times and absolute crap like 3 times (or 3 and 2 whatever)
my opinion would be to just delete him, would you be okay with that cause I'm sure i would :D
oops (OCE)
: http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/lol.gamepedia.com/thumb/e/e5/Iglogo.jpg/300px-Iglogo.jpg?version=f7b41fc2f28e8d9ea439d124b95332c2 Here I just whipped this up in my spare time, PM me if you want my paypal so you can pay me for my work.
snazzy man :D i like it personally
: Pool Party
ok, imagine yasuo with a pool noodle and he's windwall is made of water and is blue in colour. all I'm imagining is a yasuo with a noodle, I'm happy now :D
Rioter Comments
: fun fact
nah don't worry i got it man :D
: That is also a bad example, because Zed's ult is actually a debuff as well. Fiddle is a better example because his drain is just a simple DoT spell that is straight to the point.
yeah that true but i think maybe like a caitlyn ult if she fires it and just before it hits the person will it do less?
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