: Hi Rusty! Thanks for the response :) I'll try and do what you've said and keep working on it, and maybe someday I'll cast with you :P If I have any questions at some point can I just leave a new response to this comment? --- Thanks, Time Criminal
You can absolutely reply here with questions, can't promise I'll have a timely response as I'm operating out of another region entirely now!
: How would I become a professional eSports shoutcaster? (Advice please)
Hey mate, Rusty here! I work on the LPL in China and have worked on the OPL before so perhaps I'm able to offer an insight you may find valuable! lets jump in: > I've seen people say that you should get a degree in sports analysis, and I've seen other things saying a bunch of major casters have degrees in completely different things. To address this part first, you don't need a degree in anything to be a Shoutcaster, no form of pre-requisite studies are strictly necessary by any means. I studied Primary Teaching as an example. Now, for the bulk of the post to answer your main question. > I've been practicing shoutcasting over other pro games, but I don't know how to go any further than that. Shoutcasting is an art form and so much like many other arts it's subjective as to what is perceived as good or bad, the reason I bring this up is because if you want to take it further than you currently have you need to be perceived as good by those you are trying to attract to your craft! My advice for this is to look, learn and listen from the currently existing assets at your disposal, the current global Shoutcasting teams. Shoutcasting over pro games is a great place to start! You can practice in your bedroom over Soloq, over your friends games and ask them for feedback on your calls of their plays, my personal favourite method is to cast over pro games, and then listen to what the pro shoutcasters said to compare and contrast points to learn about what they are saying and how they are saying it. This is all for the craft itself, and speaking of craft, here is a video Riot Games Oceania released regarding the craft of Shoutcasting and a bunch of things that go into it. This is a pretty comprehensive video so I would recommend giving it a listen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cRZfFAJWKM Past improving the craft of Shoutcasting (ask my anything you'd like and I'll try to answer it if you need) your questions were more directed to how do I become a Shoutcaster somewhere big. First of all, practice your bum off until you're good enough! Secondly, create a portoflio of all of your best works! if you are going to apply for the role of Shoutcaster anywhere in the world, you'll need to compile a list of what if effectively "reasons they should hire me" into a document, just like any art would work! If there are job openings in regions you'll usually find them on the Riot hiring websites, I don't have the link handy but a quick google will find that one. If there aren't opening seen but you want to get your name out there, try reaching out to other Shoutcasters for feedback! Prove you've done all of the above work and that you're committed and it's very hard for any of us to say no to helping you out with a feedback session of VOD review. **Think of Shoutcasting like you would hiring an artist to draw you, you'll search for someone and only the most known will come up first, but they will have recommendations if they are busy and that is usually where you will start! From there if you've proven yourself then the jobs may come, but it's a small industry so note that there's no such thing as a promise! Just hard work and commitment.** Lastly, work hard but be humble. We've all worked hard to be where we are and we can only hope that if you're trying to make it to the top, we'll find a mutual respect for the efforts you put in, just as much as you would us! _Note: This is for LoL Shoutcasting from my perspective and opinions, not general Esports shoutcasting advice as per your post though there undoubtedly is crossovers_ Hope this help. Fire away if I've missed anything or if you have any extra questions!
: Oceania make history at Rift Rivals
Lets go OCE! Watching Legacy get that win on the back of Claire was one of the best moments in my career as a former player for Legacy, now shoutcaster!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Pixel art 2017 winners!
These are all incredible.
: Shoutout to the Shoutcast 101 Mastrerclass video
Thanks a bunch Fruitsalad, I'm sure I can speak for everyone involved in saying we appreciate the positive vibes, it was a pleasure to be able to help in the making of such a piece _(MVP goes to Highland Cow, the brain behind the Video)_. Shoutcasting is such a new and rarely explored beast that always looks super simple on the surface, right? Talk over a video game and just see what happens, go along on the journey and try and keep pace. There's always so much more to things like this that meets the eye! Just like players can be challenger in LoL, the champion doesn't change, the items don't change but how the players prepare and use it does! We're always around to be asked questions if you or anyone else have any and thanks again for the kind words.
: The best Support OCE esports
I believe that the best Support in OCE is probably still Egym from The Chiefs, he has a brain for the game and plays every champion extremely well. His strength is the ability to engage and playing champions like Alistar and Thresh His weakness is likely the fact that he will get excited and try to engage at bad times if his team isn't doing anything, the engages are good! Just poorly timed. This weakness isn't enough in OCE to make him worse though, and I'd say he is still a solid #1.
You Pawn (OCE)
: @ Loathey: Dude you ask 2 stupid questions OMG Players and Rippii. Dude grow a brain will you your from Riot ffs. What you want the team to turn against each other you dip stick? PS: Don't comment again ffs omg{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} PS +: Gj Direwolves keep up the good work :)
The question has been asked and answered by other OPL teams successfully :) Legacy answered this question once saying it was Tally because he brings ants into the house, as an example. It's good banter and I think the question is fine as long as the Dire Wolves answer in good mind. I look forward to their response and your question to the team, friend! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: AMA Legacy Esports! 6-7PM AEST!
**@Babip**: What's life like as a sub in the Legacy gaming house and working with two Junglers, coach and player? **@Lost**: Pretend Cupcake _totally_ can't read this and tell me when I can come and play for the roster, I'm a mean Trundle. Actual question for you though, what's the one thing **you** believe it takes to be a #1 team in a region? Best of luck tomorrow!
Katy (OCE)
: 6:30pm AEST SIN Gaming AMA. 600IQ, JACKED, Alpha Male ONLY.
1. Was it easier to mentally prepare for your first international event when it was a fun event? Or was the burden of representing OCE still a large enough factor that you had to still overcome the mental hurdles before/during the event? 2. @all - Do you believe the biggest blocker that Oceania suffers at international events **IS** the mental aspect?
: Vote for the Ocean Week tasmanian devil names!
Definitely Taric. They will be the most fabulous Devil in the enclosure for sure!
Main Line (OCE)
: Cmon guys Tally is from South Australia not Queensland! Put Midbeast in the team.
Hey mate, Tally had majority of his schooling in Queensland which makes him eligible for League of Origin competition representing Team QLD!
: Meet your League of Origin on-air team
: Hello! I am Matthew 'Fish' Stewart, Shoutcaster for the OPL - Ask Me Anything!
Would you rather fight 1 Horse sized Spawn or 100 Duck sized Spawn's? Also, stack rank the casters for attractiveness - no cheating from your GF's list
belquin (OCE)
: Hey All, I'm Riot Belquin, part of the Riot OCE Esports Team - Ask me anything!
If you could have 1 superpower, what would you pick and why?
jimaf (OCE)
: wait... there are only 5 eligible players for QLD? so those 5 are our guaranteed team?
Nope! There are definitely some more options I also have in mind for selecting, don't you worry about that! :)
Nightjar (OCE)
: also with gangplank, knowing how to use your movespeed to keep well positioned is very important, because overall you aren't very durable, you can take a few hits and you have a cleanse but you aren't a bruiser and if you get caught out of position rip.
: Pantheon or Gangplank
**Pantheon** Advantage: Easy to play, linear skill set and trade patterns. High damage and reasonably durable as well. Disadv: Global awareness is a must, mostly single target, can only really go forwards with his skill set. **Gangplank** Advantage: outplay potential, high burst damage, global presence with ultimate. Super high damage and hard to kill Disadvantage: all of the above comes at a large skill gap, he is super complex and requires constant vigilance as well as a deep understanding. He can be killed easily if you're not on the money with all of your spells and awareness of ganks
Starjun (OCE)
: Sin Gaming is here and ready to deliver the spiciest OPL team AMA of the season.
How did you guys find Flaresz? Who would you guys say is the second most Alpha member of the household? (Not first, second)
: what happened to the magic 8 ball the greatest analyst oce may have ever seen
His ego got the better of him in the end. Sometimes you just get too many tips right, even after random selections to the point where you grow an ego out of control. Always stay humble friend, that's what we learnt from him.
: Thanks for the replys guys, slowly climbing, see you in soloQ one day! P.s Fish is still the kid of the bunch I see ;)
: 太过分了。
: Hi Spawn, I don't know how to say his without sounding creepy but, just saying it out there that I have a crush on you since previous Worlds and your daily snapchats are my saving grace to get through the day. You are adorable. That is all. <3
Thank god I'm not the only one
: 谢谢!
加油! (These are the only two things I know)
: MY man! *pizza high five*
: ooft right in the feels. I agree on the other 3 especially rusty. one day I will be big and strong like rusty.
: 1. Spawn 2. Spawn 3. Spawn 4. Spawn 5. Rusty-Spawn
: Do you think fervor will be used over warlords for adcs now? P.s Tell Riot that it hasen't updated on our mastery pages yet, thought it was released patch 7.4?
Hey mate, this is generally speaking a matter of items vs masteries above all else. For ADC's presently, Warlords provides the sustain needed to allow them to itemise with no lifesteal. This is **massive** when the build path is all about lethality! Fervor is definitely good and a little bit better with the buff, but the 5% decrease for me in lifesteal isn't enough to tip the scales. Perhaps if you have a Soraka or healer to compensate you could go fervor and smack some fools though!
jubjub727 (OCE)
: Rusty why are you a traitor, we want you back >:( Spawn can you slap rusty for being a traitor Who's your favourite fan rusty and why is it me? "I add everyone" - Spawn 2016 *ignores jubjub when he tries to add spawn* - Also Spawn 2015-2017 Oh and hows ted :D #SomeMemesWillNeverDie http://i.imgur.com/CYZzYgu.jpg
I do appreciate your support JubJub, I may be gone from casting the OPL on the regular but I hope to be back as often as I can! The OPL will always have a place in my heart, as will your support.
: I have never played rugby, but I am going with Fish, he does legs day all the time. I feel this gives him great power.
I have played both Rugby league and Union, so when it comes to technique perhaps I have it covered? I still think Fish would likely win due to the leg power.
: What's the hardest thing about casting? Does Hingers really play football for Germany?
The hardest thing about casting is definitely quite a relative feature for each caster, it could be having to perform in front of a crowd even though it's the best feeling ever. One wrong word said and you'll get absolutely butchered! Personally? I find it really challenging to present the information that smashes through my mind in a clear, concise and informative manner consistently. We speak for hours upon hours and you have to try to be entertaining but you also have to say the right things! In other words, not to do a "Ramblington" due to tiredness, if you don't know what I mean when I say Ramblington, [Check it out](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=259-_Ud8ZZk)
: Does pineapple belong on Pizza? Why or why not?
We're not going to have this conversation again are we? Oh boy. Pineapple does not belong on Pizza as I do not like Pineapple yet I do like Pizza. Simple really!
Revoke (OCE)
: Power rank these 5 Spawns: Beard, glasses Beard, no glasses Clean shaven, glassss Clean shaven, no glasses Head in hands after RNG blows a gold lead to MURICA so big it would fix Greece's debt crisis.
1. Beard, Glasses 2. Beard, no glasses 3. Clean shaven, no glasses 4. Clean shaven, glasses 5. Head in hands after RNG absolutely cooks a lead worse than showing a butchered dish in front of Gordon Ramsey
Arkangyle (OCE)
: Any chance we'll see Hingers calling games in the future? All I want in life is *more* Hingerisms. Also, if you had to pick a Split 1 MVP today, who you got?
Hingers has a long way to go with knowledge but his personality could already be the most entertaining thing we've ever worked with, he would be hilarious if he called games! Split 1 MVP so far? The ADC's are stepping up this split, I could echo Spawn and say Lost too, but Raes and k1ng are monsters also.
: Benji is really important behind the scenes. Pretty much you see nothing on stream without him, I believe he uses magic. I think this explains why hes on production duties.
It's a shame that in our time spent at Riot we've never really seen Benji shoutcasting anything before. At all. Ever. In saying that it's a bigger shame we know the alternate accounts of our producers in LoL, Benji. I see you ;)
: Do you actually go into OCS, because isn't it already running? 4.3.6 Playoff Tournament After the conclusion of regular season has ended the top eight teams with the highest amount of points will be invited to a single elimination playoff tournament. The top two teams will qualify for the promotion/relegation matches into OCS.
Hey mate, the OCS runs in splits just like most competitive leagues around the world. When you promote into the OCS (if you do), you will start in the second split of competition.
BeefyBill (OCE)
: Theres going to be a split 2 like last year correct this isnt the only one? As in later in the year will there be another ool tournament
yeah mate, you can sign up every 2 weeks for separate tournaments, there should also be a second full split!
: We're the Chiefs Esports Club - Ask Us Anything!
@anyone - What's the most important feature for you to define a team as good? @all - If you could choose, would you rather have a stronger emphasis in your own defined style, or just fit to the meta as it shifts?
: When is the average/expected dates for the winners of ool to play promos to ocs?
Hey mate, you'd be looking at roughly Early/Mid April.
Wolves (OCE)
: When is Oceanic Open Ladder Officially Starting?
Hi mate, I just released the information about it yesterday! You'll find it on the Esports boards. Sorry for the delayed release, I won't waste your time with excuses, I was slow to publish.
  Rioter Comments
: I've suggested they add a segment called the 're roast', which would see the roastee become the roaster. {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}}
I ship this, we can have a full blown roast-a-thon!
: Poll: Did you reattain your rank from the previous season?
I just got back there! Finished the season at Diamond 1, got back in ~33 wins :D Super happy about it, hopefully the next step is up!
Peppa Pig (OCE)
: Cricket or AFL?
Totally AFL. I know one is a winter sport and the other a summer, but I played touch football instead during summer!
Havanä (OCE)
: How much do you bench, squat and deadlift?
Bench: 80kg Squat: 70kg DL's: 100kg I weigh 74kg so I'm happy with those so far! Hoping to improve further (obviously) and squats are an easy place to start
Revoke (OCE)
: Feel free to ignore if I shouldn't ask multiple questions, this one just occurred to me. Which member of the early-2000's Australian cricket team most closely resembles each member of the esports team? Can be either a physical resemblance or resemblance of mentality.
: I have to agree with rusty on this one pineapple is gross on pizza
Ninox (OCE)
: Favourite champion lore (excluding the real popular picks, let's keep it interesting) and why?
I'd happily say Bilgewater is my all time favourite lore at present, I read the whole thing more than once over! I guess it's a little too mainstream so I'd go with Braum specifically :)
: The amount of disappointment that came from this...now I know how my parents feel...
I like Childish Gambino in it
: Offt Arkangyle, This hits close to home. The answer is volunteer in my experience. You don't get paid at the start but make yourself useful. Uni Clubs, analyst work for a team, managing and organising scrims. Its tough but if you really want to make it this is how I got involved. From there you use your experience to apply. We do go to gym and this is one area I don't really like stack ranking. All the casters / esports people go generally and I am just proud that the guys and girls smash it out to stay healthy, it isn't a contest, its about looking after our self physically and mentally. In saying that I love working out with Rusty as he is a great spotter.
I would echo Spawn here and say that we honestly all started by creating our own chicken from scratch, the chicken that lays its first egg. We work pretty hard with absolutely nothing to find opportunities. It isn't easy to be in esports! I'd actually say Jake is the strongest at present but we all work really hard to stay in shape and look after ourselves! A healthy mind needs a healthy body. :)
: I havent seen community T_T
OH he means the TV series? I had absolutely no idea what was going on here.
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