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Shadaii (OCE)
: Dear Riot, can you stop matching me and my bronzie crew against plats and diamonds.
Normal and ranked matchmaking are calculated using different MMR, ergo you have one MMR for ranked and another for normals. That being said, depending on time of day and how big your premade is, the system might be unable to find someone near your rank and has to look wider.
Malygos (OCE)
: so league of legends
Hey look I killed Lee in the screenshot
honk honk (OCE)
: Now that we have GD back kinda
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Malygos (OCE)
: Riot Games Oceania, your community has spoken.
I made quite a lot of good friends I'd never have known without GD. It's just not the same here, which is why I and many others left after GD got shut down. In my opinion, Riot shutting down GD killed our little community which I'm sure was not their goal. GD was a big part of why I played and it's hard to enjoy the game the same way without it.
Malygos (OCE)
: Do you prefer these boards or traditional style forums?
The great Mythos/King Thrym/Ragnar Blaze is here, author of such great posts as the Official GD Tier List (, to support this cause.
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Niji (OCE)
: The point of GG?
Saying "GG" has essentially lost its status as an acronym for "good game" and is now a virtual handshake whereby you thank your opponents for the game.
Niji (OCE)
: Why does Riot still have one of the sh1ttest clients of any game?
Why is MTGO allowed to exist in its current form? Because Wizards of the Coast, like Riot, don't view the money they would spend improving their client worth the money they'd make from having a better one. It's highly unlikely Riot are unaware that their client stinks; it's just not worth it to them currently to update.
BackFire (OCE)
: What happens when a gold beats a diamond 1
There are a lot of things wrong with this picture: 1) You can't tell who is saying those things since there's no timestamp and no name. As a result, it could be YOU abusing HIM. 2) When someone deletes you from their friends list, it still says they are online in the message tab you had open with them. Again, this means you could be abusing him after he removed you (and thus wouldn't be getting the message). 3) We have zero context for this except for your word. I doubt a diamond 1 would care this much about losing to a gold player in what I can only assume was a normal. Even if he DID type this abuse, I find it hard to believe it's because you beat him in lane.
Sackboy (OCE)
: He mains Fizz and Zed, that's how you get to Diamond without skill, Akali takes skill but the other two don't. He probs also plays Riven.
Zed is actually pretty hard to master, same with Fizz (despite popular belief). Akali is pretty binary, though.
HeRoHeiDi (OCE)
: I often play either ashe{{champion:22}} or zyra{{champion:143}} and im only level 11. I really love this game and started on christmas day, but there is a lot i do not understand or need to know! Are you willing to help me??
Hey mate, thanks for the interest. I'm primarily looking for level 30s already experienced with ranked who are looking to get better. Good luck on your climb to 30!
: Diamond looking to mentor one or two lower-rated players
Getting more interest than I anticipated. Toying with the idea of adding you all, putting you into a section of my friend's list, and helping you out one by one as I go.
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Enchant (OCE)
: Why do people overrate rekkles
You lost all credibility when you said Shookz carries Alliance.
ll 000 ll (OCE)
: If you do not wanna become toxic...
I'm diamond and I am toxic. Confirmed OP is BS.
: Are there any challenger master Yi mains?
I'm a diamond 4 Master Yi main. I know that's not challenger, but if you want any tips or to theorycraft, send me a friend request and I'll be happy to chat.
: Finally Gold 5!
Congrats, buddy. Shame you didn't make it before the end of the season.

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