: Yesterday I just wanted to have a good time in a bot game, instead I had a shitty teammate give me crap for no reason at all. I right now am suffering with severe, chronic depression and I struggle with suicidal thoughts daily. I can't believe I even play League because it honestly makes my mindset worse. If I weren't so poor I was definitely support this charity and everything about it. Hell man, I just turned 17. I can't believe you're doing this. I love you.
Yeah, after i posted this a few days back, the first game i jumped into, My friend and i called duo bot. And the lee sin in champion select already just randomly started flaming and then he and his duo were literally talking about nothing they were just swearing back and forth over random crap and then they started being toxic to the enemy lee sin, when both of them were like 2-5 and 1-4 and calling each other bad etc. League's community has really gone downhill in reputation fast, mainly among the lower elo's
: In many cases I have seen, money isn't helpful to depression. It's not like cancer, it's not like people with depression can't afford a surgery or something. Nobody exactly knows how to solve the depression, not even doctors or experts. Again in many cases I have seen, including Gosu and myself, even professionals on depression hasn't been useful at all. All you can do is give them love, although even that is not 100% efficient, but at least that prevented Gosu from suicide, which doctors wasn't able to do. But anyway, IMO a fund is not necessary, people with depression are not lack of money. What they need is attention, understanding and love. That money could be better use to some starving kids in Africa. TL;DR: There is noting you can **buy **to help depressed people.
I understand that. That's not the point of this cause, the cause is to raise money for the awareness and potentially help those suffering in the form of "Kids helpline" and "Suicide hotline" and going towards other causes like those. It's not so much as "Finding a cure" it's about raising enough awareness to the point where we can make it a permanent solution to an otherwise temporary condition. They're not sick, it's not a gene so it's not passed down through family members and even saying that it's a "State of mind" is iffy, even though personally i believe that it is, purely because people who have depression, can still laugh, like generally laugh and laugh so hard they cry, but that doesn't mean that they're faking it. Depression is so different and unique there just isn't enough research on it. Which is also why i want to raise money for it. Most people with depression don't know how to self express or open up to someone, so they've done what a LOT of people have done, they turned to gaming, if the games they play had a community, that was dedicated to ensuring everyone was happy and not swearing, cussing each other out every game, then life would be easier for everyone. Riot can then focus on the game and not so much on punishment systems. That's not to say LCS players trash talking from time to time on twitter can't be funny or good for hyping it up. But when they go out of their away to directly attack another player, then they aren't helping to the cause. Examples of this are Nein and Maplestreet, both stepping down from their teams position's because of the amount of hate they received.
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