Woodyxoxo (OCE)
: It's not that. They are taking away something we have already purchased.
Something that was stated on release that it will be removed at the end of the year. Its to attract people into the idea of limiting sale periods. Same thing occurs with designer brands like surpreme. Its only available for a limited time to increase popularity while it is available. It doesn't affect how you play if you wish to purchase it you purchase it. and they are still giving an opton if you dont hit 50. You are complaining about nothing just for the sake of complaining. Its just sad.
: I'm not sure if you've noticed but its talking about keystone masteries not the champion mastery. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Yoyu missed what me was meaning XD. He was saying are they going to be doing this next ... not talking about masteries XD.
: Ranked is a competitive environment, if your going to affect the team negatively and cause your team to be at an immediate disadvantage because of your computer, you should play normals. I don't see that as unfair. You might love the game, and that is great, but if you're the cause of your team mates not enjoying the game I believe you should be punished to a degree. No one enjoys having a disadvantage. However, I think 20 odd LP is a lot to lose though and might need to be toned down because some people may legitimately be unable to join for numerous reasons, and that's unfortunate but it shouldn't impact the team. However in normals, connecting late puts you in a disadvantage for sure, however the results of a loss aren't as impactful to the team as they are in the ranked environment. Someone would have to join late in ranked games quite often for this change to negatively impact their league experience. Suffering a punishment of LP for connecting 3 minutes late shouldn't be a huge deal or common. And as i mentioned earlier, if it is common look for a fix.
If the cause for you connecting late is because of the GAME! and not your computer, you should not lose anything. And it isn't 20 Lp exactly, depending on your MMR to the league you are in you will lose different amounts. If you are in S3 but your MMR is B1, you will lose closer to 30. But if you are S3 and MMR is G1, then you lose something like 12.{{summoner:2}}
: Dev Blog: Classes & Subclasses
Rito approval, deciding to work on names for classes over the wanted return of solo queue!
Elf Mage (OCE)
: harder and stronger
Harder, Stronger, and his W is longer XD.
: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
Gems are truly outrageous, they are truly, truly, truly, outrageous!
Sion skin, mecha zero sion yeah. And also it says how he is self destructing, but it is over ridden. Which is like sions passive, he dies and comes back to life.
Laxiliary (OCE)
: Yea upvote, I'm srsly questioning some of the players in my match up.
It is just a matter of you having the same MMR as them, It is a new season so they might have just won tons of games in their provisional's and maybe wern't dropped to their appropriate rank. Easiest way to solve it is just winning because the more your win the higher your MMR will be so you will stop being patched with lower ranked players 'idiots' OR, it is because your loss rate is low so you are being matched with what Riot thinks you are. The system has bugs but they are not easily fixed and might not be fixed for years to come so you just put up with it and try to climb ranks.
: Announcing the rotating game mode queue
Awesome Idea, but what will happen to other games when this is on. won't they be under played then?
RadRed609 (OCE)
: Because it was the day everybody went back to school and there weren't enough people playing games that night.
Because nobody wants to save bloody fiji.
anonywhy (OCE)
: Kalista, Velkoz, Tahm Kench, Ekko, Azir, Rek'Sai, Yasuo ... There are many champions who aren't strictly "cute". Why are you saying "finally riot"..? Edit: and these are all recent champions too...
What I meant was an over dramatized female ...
: Champion Update: Shen
The only real problem is with his q, that doesn't make any sense. Also they have removed shens sustain in lane from his q. It is a huge nerf for him in fights against people like darius.
: Extreme LoL - Kitten Edition
Never seen someone be so hyped over being 3/14/13
: Champion Reveal: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
Finally riot, you have created a champion which is not over dramatized in cuteness.
: Let’s talk about the Server Skin
: Origins of the Wharf Rat
{{item:2050}} see all
: Hand out pain like candy eggs with Cottontail Fizz
Personally this skin really looks ugly, fizz in general in this skin looks weird.(void fizz was weird too) But then I just can't hate on that adorable bunny wabbit, so cute and big. It could of also done with maybe an orange glow to his Q,W and E giving it more a unique appeal.
: Refer-a-Friend retires in thirty days
I am unsure why i haven't gotten these given me meeting new people and they were DOTA mains (vomit). I tried referring them and now they are level 30, and I referred about 25 of them yet i never even got a point. Which makes me cry that they cant fix this, and they are leaving by September the 5th.{{summoner:13}} Be calm, i might get it . . .
Cheramoia (OCE)
: people are seeing this as a decent buff, but with the removal of grevious wounds its really not. in a fight against the opposing adc, grivious wounds is a really big deal and this change is gunna hurt mfs duelling power a lot :( (her duelling wasn't particularly strong as It was too)
I agree, if they combined this new passive her her old one. It would of made her alot more powerful because her dueling was **** before but now its just depressing!
: Patch 5.13 notes
p3rp (OCE)
: Ok so maybe I was being a little melodramatic.. but still this is the thing, I once had Facebook but made the choice to opt out for various reasons. like you say the "right"choice will be rewarded but why is it the right choice? at least offer the equal option for other social media...
I also don't use facebook, but 1 thing i really don't understand with this system is. You add friends who play league, wouldn't you already know they play league because they are . . . YOUR FRIENDS!!!
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends
If anybody has noticed the picture that is the new nami skin urf the nami-tee. If what riot says is true this might be bot action and could lead to the shittest stuff vsing ppl so that we can actually try and be the slightest bit good? Or this is them trolling us and we are getting the good old URF back. (well more like urf) but has fish xD
: The Featured Game Modes of 2014
RIOT PLZ bring back urf just have a fun week or month when all the old game modes were put into custom games it would just be so funny the {{champion:268}} river dance would be real.
: pls Lulu Lulu
XD lulu in a bikini is it just me or yordles in bikinis would be funny. OH OH OH whoever wins this should get a skin for the beach. {{champion:117}} XD lol still makes me laugh.
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: Dark Horses: Jungle Irelia
Well if Rito are making dark horse irelia jg and dark horse brand revives then why dont they do something that is so totally the meta and wins almost any 1v1 in the adc role. *drumroll* ADC KENNEN Dark Horse


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