: An Immovable Object Versus An Unstoppable Force (Mostly New Evelynn Lore)
Haha, thanks guys! I see where you're coming from after rereading the story and taking the comments into consideration. Definitely a lot of room for me to improve.
: FanFiction Contest: The Shortlist
Damn, I thought I could make it! Better make my story fir the rubric next time I guess. Congratulations to everyone that made the shortlist and the honourable mentions. I read a few and the were really well versed and phrased; they most definitely deserve to be up there. I loved the one in the sewers especially Funsocks.
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: [RESOLVED] March 31st 2016 - Server Issue
For the people using Dodo or iPrimus (like me), we and our teams won't be penalized with LP losses, right? Just want to make sure.
: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
Can we make this a thing where we can select which names we'd like to have localized for our individual preference? Anyway: {{champion:107}} - Rengo


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