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: Hextech Crafting and empty promises
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: Is there a way to remove Chat Completely.
as soon as you enter the game, hold down <TAB> and click the mute button on EVERY player problem solved after game, clean your ignore list, start again.
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Mystiiic (OCE)
: Honour
The more often you get honoured, the more chance you have of obtaining it. The more frequent, in the shorter amount of time, the more likely.
Deadspec (OCE)
: Ping /internet alerts before joining games
I'm OCE. I'm at ~35 ping. I was NA, which was ~300 ping. Neither is laggy. Because it was consistent ping. Not spikes. It is spikes that cause the issue. If your Internet actually has high ping, you'll know because it spends forever trying to log you in. Furthermore, there is a ping cap at which the server simply denies you access. Try it. Use your bandwidth up completely then try logging in. What the OP is asking for is not a "tell me my ping" but a "warn me if playing right now is an issue". Perhaps a ping test that checks how stable your ping is, not what it is just once. Like your first 10 seconds in Q is a ping test for stability. Not stable? No playtime. Excluding bot games, of course. PvP I'd have that for all though.
SirKotton (OCE)
: Canned chat
Agreed. It would solve many issues, I'd personally use it permanently. I'm voting 1. -- and voting you **LoL Community Emissary** for the week. Congratulations!


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