Ninox (OCE)
: *From a practical perspective*. That number is global, and those few players affected can very easily go through support, and such unusual cases aid the machine learning component as well. If someone comes to boards with a racist chat log there isn't much point telling them that false positives exist. If someone doesn't know about support then that's also an easy fix, and "How do I appeal a false punishment" is much more likely to inspire benefit of the doubt than "I was banned for no reason [insert spiel about bad teammates here]" is. From your own example of "I reported some people who annoyed me and got the notification", there are many much more likely events that would lead to that same scenario so false positive isn't going to be the first conclusion drawn. The point being, false positives are _practically_ non-existent. In my entire time on boards I've only seen 2 confirmed (and plenty claimed that turned out to be very much not false), so without some pretty compelling factors in play, there isn't really any point to mentioning false positives as anything more than a footnote.
this is just going to go in circles. you said 'You don't get punished for other people being mean to you. False reports are meaningless, it doesn't matter'. Not that it can happen and you can fix it by player support I replied saying it can happen and just not to lie to people. ''The point being, false positives are practically non-existent. In my entire time on boards I've only seen 2 confirmed'' So you have seen it and it can happen.
Razör (OCE)
: as of 2009 ( that number can only increase) 67 million people are playing or have accounts that means 6700 people are in that 0.01% guess they dont matter and are meaningless?
Ninox (OCE)
: ?
as of 2009 ( that number can only increase) 67 million people are playing or have accounts that means 6700 people are in that 0.01% guess they dont matter and are meaningless?
Ninox (OCE)
: T[he false punishment rate is less than 0.01% of *penalties* (not reports)]( The average player is never going to encounter that < 0.01% of < 1% statistic, so from a practical perspective, yes false reports are entirely meaningless.
Ninox (OCE)
: False punishments happen only very rarely, so it is fairly safe to assume in this case yes. If it was indeed a false punishment, the player in question has every right and ability to appeal it.
but it does happen and is funny to see So dont lie to people and say ''False reports are meaningless'' riot lies enough we dont need more lies
: looking to get back to this game
save yourself the bother and dont return to this toxic game
Ninox (OCE)
: You don't get punished for other people being mean to you. False reports are meaningless, it doesn't matter how many or how few people report you, only if they are valid or not. If he was perma banned, it is not his first offence, and it would have been made clear in his 14 day reform card that further violations of the rules (whether he agrees with those rules or not) would result in a perma ban. If he believe he was banned in error, he can appeal the punishment through support:
untrue i have reported people just because they annoy me and i have gotten the reply saying something like a player you reported has been punished or what not
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi folks We've changed a setting that should hopefully reduce the impact of these drops / glitches, for games that started after 16:40 AEST (Sydney Time) Let me know if things improve for you! Cheers Mindstar
best fps ever ....1fps
Crzy (OCE)
: Jarvan one shot any squishy, no counter
: rip off
Riots new RNG system you pay money and may get RP in return
Wean (OCE)
: Unless if you are playing against Riven in a high elo ranked game (in which Riven knows what you are about to do), you should be able to kill her. If you are playing against Riven in a Normal game situation, there are champions you can use against her. Riven is a little different from other champions, to kill her you don't need to get fed, you need to deny as much cs (creeps slain, or minions slain) as you can, and not give her kills, be tanky, and almost in any matchup, wait for her to engage before you go in trade. You may want to use Riven when she's in the free rotation, to see her abilities so you know what to do to kill her. Xin Zhao will be able to finish Riven off at least once before level 6, due to his insane amount of attack damage and life steal, and if he managed to kill Riven at least twice before level 6, Riven would be screwed for practically the rest of the game, which means she would not be able to kill Xin Zhao without help from ganks. Riven cannot kill Xin Zhao 1v1 before she gets to level 6, which gives Xin Zhao an advantage to finish her off. Once Riven gets to level 6 and she ults you, knock her back using your ult and retreat, wait for her ult to finish before you go in on her again (you may not need to do this if you are far ahead of Riven). Get triforce and build lifesteal. Fiora can also kill Riven before level 6, just keep auto attacking her, and go in on her using your Q, parry her Q knockup use your W if you can, do not be afraid of trading with her before she gets to level 6, even if you want to avoid getting hit by some of Riven's skillshots, Riven will be really scared of trading with you once she realized how much damage you deal to her. If you managed to kill her once but you fall behind and Riven got to Level 6 before you do, don't give her kills, and if she ults you, run away if you can even if you are ahead (unless if you have enough items to sustain her ult's passive and active to kill her). Build lifesteal. Garen will also be able to kill Riven, in level 1, just autoattack and Q, Riven can't do much about this if she starts with her Q (if she starts with her shield, she can't do anything else but autoattacking you, or else run away). In level 2 be more careful, if Riven gets her W, just go in with Q and E, and she will take a huge amount of damage. If she gets her E (her shield) in level 2, wait for her to engage with her Q or wait for her shield to be out of the way before you go into trade. In level 3, always wait for her to use her shield, or wait for her to engage on you with her Q, before you go into trade. Once she gets to level 6, if she ults you, provided that you are not behind and you know you have an advantage to kill her, use your ult on her at the proper moment. Build tank/armor (start with cloth armor and potions). AD Garen sucks. There are other champions like Hecarim, Malphite, Olaf, etc, they can beat Riven too, but I will not give explanation since I have never used these champions against Riven, therefore I cannot give you advice. Something else I would like to mention to you is that you need good runes on your rune pages, you can wait for runes reforged (which will come in this December). If you already have adequate runes on your rune pages, just do what I tell you to do, and you should be able to kill Riven. If you need more information, head over to the page below, and click on the link in that page which lead you to reddit, there will be explanations on how to beat Riven by most top laners.
cheers man
Razör (OCE)
: sure riot nerf yas
Aguy77 (NA)
: {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:80}} here you go, problem solved, now quit complaining about one of the weakest top-laners in the game just because she s**t on you as {{champion:17}} jungle and has high mobility, skill cap, and outplay potential Might as well ask riot to nerf {{champion:157}} too
sure riot nerf yas
Razör (OCE)
: Nerf Riven please
4 dashes no energy insane ad scale on all but her W the bullshit broken animation cancel no downside to diving at all
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Fitzky (OCE)
: Are you referring to Riot themselves or the green, blue and purple people?
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Mindstar (OCE)
: Boards - Universal Rules
Its rare to see you moderators comment on anything that is not a pixel art contest. do you just comment on what you feel like and forget the rest???????????
Razör (OCE)
: Does anyone else want the old champions back?
Let us not forget {{champion:83}} playing him support summon a ghoul to block a cait ult was so good
: PLEASE FUCKN NERF NOOB RIVEN just put this here her AD scale and CD is a joke
: Whatever system you are applying is not working, because you ask people to report if they see bad behavior, but guess what? No one has faith in report system so they don't even bother reporting. People will troll and feed regardless and I don't know how many times I have seen people say "go on and report" Also, this: then this: (Note the guy continued to play RANKED after his 6 boot troll) **None of the feeder got banned. This is the new 'slap on the wrist' system. Reds, I challenge you to reply to this post with an explanation. TheBlade07's reply has more upvote than the original for a reason - something IS wrong with our community behaviour management** Blocking them only means you don't read their chat, but you can't stop those people from doing the following: Running into tower to feed enemy team Giving out your team location in global chat AFK in spawn and smack talk other people in your team List goes on. If someone is blocked by many people there might be a reason, how about using that as an indicator? **People have lost faith in reporting system already**, every one of those toxic player will tell you how many times they have done X and they have not been banned. 3 years, no change in player behavior, why? If you tell someone to change their behaviour this is the most common response: "**Go ahead and report I have never been banned**" There's too much talk not much walk This is why OCE is filled with toxicity, a non-functioning system.
Reds, I challenge you to reply to this post with an explanation.????? nope nothing
: > [{quoted}](name=Riso,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=6pczEAWa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-01-04T04:06:47.911+0000) > > Just you But she's so damn easy...
Omg you pressed R and won
Cirilia (OCE)
: Death Recap is Broken
Been like this for years you think they would of fixed it by now but they are to busy putting out more champs then fixing the game
: Actually 70% of the smaller 'class' type reworks have been terrible, and made much bigger balance problems than the old champ ever was. Most of them like Veigar, Kog, Malz, Ryze etc etc. have either been reworked again, or almost completely reverted within months of being reworked. And several others like Aatrox and LeBlanc are about to be thrown back into the machine as well. So either Riot is putting 0% effort and thought into the reworks, or the universe is trying to tell us not to rework champs for no reason. On a personal note, I miss old Taric, I absolutely love new Taric, and I wouldn't trade him for the world. but I do miss the playstyle of old Taric. Me and him were inseparable in ranked. We had each others backs _(in the least gayest way of course)_. Also 2 of my 3 mains; Azir and Sol have had reworks announced..... oh Joy....
Aurelion sol's rework would be interesting to say the least
: They're already talked about that, but it would require so much work to do for not that much payoff int he grand scheme of things. I'd love a chance to relive the glory days of AP Yi, or give old Karma a go again, but just like a scuttlebug Jamboree, it's not going to happen.
: Evelynn OTP here... hoping they don't ruin her with the rework. The fact Galio is *nothing* like his pre-rework worries me.
i mained both shen and galio before rework both champs are so different for me and just not worth it. Sure they have there place but its not the same for me
Razör (OCE)
: Does anyone else want the old champions back?
even a game mode that lets you play the old champs
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