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: Vote for the Ocean Week tasmanian devil names!
*Sees that Bazza has been categorised as a male name* Rito did you just assumed the Barons gender?
ragephaze (OCE)
: Im voting Dazza cause im a Dazza{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Dazza pls, we all know you wanted to vote for Taric.
: List of SHIT interfaces
TO me none. What you could have done? Became an alpha tester, instead of waiting for beta. Soz, im just kinda over people bagging out the new client when people have been on it for over 6 months.
Darcy (OCE)
: Failed to create dump file : " (error 5)
Nothing to do about GPU... If you are using an MSI laptop stop the Nahimic program and it should work after that. At least it worked after I turned it off for some reason. Other people have had this problem in the past.
: Client Update Open Beta Now Live
I just want to take the time to say thank you and well done to Riot, the team and all the alpha client testers who have stuck around the 6 months like I have. You all deserve a round of applause, well done, keep it up! :){{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
VarysPeter (EUNE)
: Is it just me, but I can't find the Beta client even tho I had the Alpha before... Can't find it anywhere, not even in applications. Where can I download it again or just find it?
Happened to me the other day if you can't find It just reinstall the alpha client exe and agree to overwrite.
Crumm (OCE)
: Can't run alpha client because my computer is bad
Graphic cards don't mean a thing. It comes down to your memory and processing power. I had a look at the specs on the Toshiba and the AMD processor you have in that computer is equivalent to a lower end Intel i3 processor. If you want to play games I would recommend you to upgrade to an i5 at the least. Apart from that you have a 4GB Ram, I think those Toshibas can also take on an added 4GB of Ram so you have 8GB in total memory. Again nothing to do with a GPU, I have a Nvidia GTX 485 which is a windows vista model graphics card. In general the client settings have a full repair troubleshooter, settings is located next to the close button. You can also lower down the window size and disable the animations. Apart from that the dev team have an amazing job on the client. I have been testing the alpha for the past 6 months and the beta for past alpha testers we have seen an amazing turn around for the beta. Some people may have problems, but lets face it, it is a beta there is still some work needed here and there. But all in all, a upgraded machine would be a wise option. Not just for league but for everyday use and longer life. I hope you found this useful. -RK.
: Add Player Count to match found
There isn't a player count for ranked que. In my opinion I don't think it is needed. If you get into game it means everyone clicked accept, if they didn't you see a notification saying someone didn't accept.
: old client back!! please
Just so you know there is a devblog with more information about the client: Provided the link above for you.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: FEATURES WILL THE UPDATED CLIENT HAVE THE SAME FEATURES AS THE CURRENT CLIENT? The updated client is where we'll release all new client features (like Replays), and there are a few things that may take a few patches to to re-implement after open beta gets going. One feature that isn't being immediately brought over from the legacy client are item sets. However, your existing item sets will still continue to work and our third-party API will sitll allow you to download custom item sets from community developers for in-game use. Here's a list of things which will be missing at the start of open beta (but which we'll work quickly to add): Account transfers Summoner name changes End-of-game gifting Battle boosts in ARAM Spectate friends (and spectating custom games) Searching for and joining open custom games Ward skins in your Collection
First off, thank you and well done to you and the team for what you have all accomplished so far. From what I remember there was an article published a while back, maybe 3 weeks or more saying that Item Sets will be removed for the Alpha and onwards because of a minority of people using them. Would you happen to know where that article is, because I would like to share it around for those who keep asking about it. It is a shame not many people read the devblogs. Again, thanks for everything -RK. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: The new user interface is not ergonomic
press ctrl and + this is more simple compared to the clunky legacy client. Also please read the devblog release:
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: My alpha league has disappeared
Update just reinstall and say yes to overwrite. You should be fine.
: My alpha league has disappeared
Ahhhhh Weird thing... Mine just did that as well. :|
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Can't find Item Sets in profile
I remember this was talking about a few weeks to a month ago saying they will not include Item Sets since there isn't a majority of people that use it. However! They will allow third party items set providers to give you the ability to make item sets and use them in-game.
: Sweet!
just to make sure just fill out a bug report. Here is the link...
Pork09 (OCE)
: Mastery point
This is a new thing, I don't agree with it either. I second this notion. I like to fix masteries whilst waiting for the game to start.
: Unable to submit feedback or report bugs in Alpha client
Works for me, here is a link, go nuts.
: I'm downloading it now, but my friends say champ select is very buggy, give a test if you can.
Network connection between legacy and alpha, to be expected until beta. Spread the word of this around, been discussed months ago.
JHMaster (OCE)
: In-Game status
They are on the legacy client most likely when they are playing the game. Same thing goes when you search someone's name to look at their profile and you can't view their match history and it says they have not played a game its because they are not on the alpha. Just wait till beta, there will still be room for improvement until the full release. Anything to do with connectivity between Alpha and Legacy will be amended during the beta transition.
KiwiFrost (OCE)
: Re centering the client on desktop
Works for me, here is the link...
sh00zyz (OCE)
: Does anyone else find it somewhat slow when picking a champion in champion select?
Network connection between alpha and legacy client. To be expected. Will be all good when beta is released, so don't worry too much about that.
: Lag while entering champ select
Not just MAC, everyone had this problem when we were first started. We are on a completely different client to the legacy so there may be a bit of delay sometimes when going into the lobby due to the connectivity to the legacy client.
LordLawto (OCE)
: Installation Problem
Clear space on your C drive or try installing it to a USB. Also make sure to run as admin.
Fangthane (OCE)
: Club Chats
It has been disabled until further notice. Check the dev team blogs whenever you can there is information that is worth reading.
Verinity (OCE)
: Could be a better download......
At least you are not downloading legacy client again. Also we cannot distribute the client through any cloud storage as that breaches the TOS of the Alpha testing.
Nbadg23 (OCE)
: Where has it gone?!
It doesn't look like it is needed. Not many people pay attention those scores in the first place. And even though you may do that, and enjoy looking at them keep in mind that they are also not going to include Item Sets, but they will accept 3rd parties to do item sets just like you can look up player information on 3rd party websites.
Willtom (OCE)
: lag while changing masteries in champ select screen
There have been a few glitches here and there, but I have also experienced it with the legacy client a lot recently as well. I will be writing a big report soon about it. The masteries if you are talking about how you have to click five times instead of clicking once and then it includes all 5 rank up masteries then that is not a fault. I have to click on each mastery every time, kinda like that in the legacy where you can click on 18 masteries and its done, not you have to click on each one individual so many times, I do some of my masteries whilst I am waiting to get into game.
: Really Laggy Client
Compared to the legacy client, the alpha is way better in terms of 'lag'. In my case I am not experiencing lag, if anything it is better now than what it was 6 months ago and it has only improved (Well done Riot, you are doing some amazing things and work really hard). If anything just wait until beta and lag wont be a problem, if you think its a big problem now then report the bug. This is the first time I am hearing about client lag. -RK
CuzBro (OCE)
: Game Selection
I believe they have done it this way because Classic is the most popular, not just that but would you prefer someone to jump straight into a ranked without warming up in a norms? I always play at least 3 norms before I start playing ranks for the rest of the day.
Joxi (OCE)
: Ranked title
Log in and out and see if it still has it. If it doesn't follow this link... [here](<< It doesn't have that on mine. Might be just be you.
: Reward?1
We talked about this 6 months ago, if you were around that you would know we don't get anything as it would be unfair to those who started testing 6 months ago to those who started a week ago. Besides everyone will switch eventually. If you want a reward just wait and be grateful.
Brese (NA)
: Team select clarity?
Neither is it on the legacy client. That is why you call it a blind pick. In ranked you know what side and what champs are playing.
: The Shop doesn't work
Happens on the legacy all the time. Just go into your profile and back into store. Might be a connection problem to the server on your end. At the moment when you click on loot collection, profile or home away from store and go back in, it will just take you back to featured and not even show the previous page you were on. If this doesn't happen on your client I would recommend to submit a bug report. Bug reports can be submitted on the button bottom right of the client.
: Install Ping Indicator (please!)
Better idea. Riot please implement a code that checks peoples internet speed and warn them into playing a gam when they play a game. If their speed is awful which can cause them to DC from the game at the beginning or during ban them until their connection is better.
Ernest (OCE)
: Date format in match history
Not too sure about this, may be fixed when they release the beta. But good thing you bring it up now just in case :) Upvoted.
: Normals lobby/champ select incredibly buggy.
This will be fixed in the beta as they have said previously in the dev blogs. So far it has been improved immensely compared to 6 months ago, well done Riot you are doing really good. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
L1Raven (OCE)
: Champ Select Issue
I think it is the client itself, it should be fixed when the beta comes out. I have had it a few times when the client wouldn't let me pick my champ.
Lidia28 (OCE)
: My alpha client experience
My guess is this will be fixed later seeing that it is in Alpha. At the moment if you play with a friend who is on the Legacy Client (LC) and you are on the Alpha Client (AC), your friend will be viewing your name in the lobby on the LC when your on AC showing you have 0 wins. However if you go back on the LC and go in the lobby it will show how many wins you really have. So I think they will fix this when it comes to the beta, or it will only be viewed on your profile which I think is a better option. It will give people a better habit of looking up the people they are playing with.
: Minimizing Friend List
This was already discussed, in the ask Riot Reddit a month or so ago that it is fixed and that it won't change. If you want more space in the client Ctrl and + to maximise the client window can give you more space. If the window doesn't fit the screen put it into position and your taskbar will hide and the client will look 'neat'.
Takanashi (OCE)
: Look/feel of team builder role select.
They said in the dev change logs/blog they will be working on the aesthetics of the load screens and waiting screens once the beta has been released.
: Awww that seems fun XD, wanna try it someday except most of my champs im not sure how to play >n<{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Don't worry I own all the champs so I get very funny picks. I just played Shyvanna Sup. It would have worked well if the Jinx wasn't conflicted if she needed to hit the Ashe or not.
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Gideon (OCE)
: Alpha crashed after winning a game
You were so good that the game couldn't take it. That is all, just except your godly powers.
TahnGee (OCE)
: Resizing Client window?
It was in the latest changelogs if you have read it. It says... "Bigger (or smaller) is betterAdded ability to increase and decrease window size, by using the keystroke combinations ctrl + or ctrl - (ctrl 0 will restore the client to the default size)." When you resize it make it fit your screen and your taskbar disappears and it looks awesome.
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I am keen to join. I am a mid player I main Ekko and also play Ez AP, Malzahar, Quinn, Jayce and Jarvan 4. I can also Support Bard, Nami and Leona
: can I have the link so I can downlado it BECAUSE I'm so confused on how to get it :(
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