Lefeta (OCE)
: Okay, so you know how Australia is in a Financial problem? They changed the Prices of rp(gave us less rp with the same prices) http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/MXv9uHnL-rp-adjustment-in-oceania
Tyvm, i was not aware of dis <3
Lefeta (OCE)
: So they do this after they rose the rp price, Very smart but we aren't stupid.
am i missing sumthing, when did they do this?
: is it just because mine s hand drawn, this s so unfair ,all the ones that got in r 2 digital , i spent hours and hours drawing by hand and at the end not even an entry.
lol, i pulled 2 allnighters, but oh well, personally i reckon hand drawn and digital would be more even. but it is riot's decision, and i respect it.
: Vote for your favourite Ocean Week artwork!
i dont understand how cheaters made it past the shortlist, and people who entered properly, did not


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