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Mindstar (OCE)
: Patch 6.9 is live!
Hi. This is a very good Patch, I must say a lot of work went into this Great accomplishment! As I am a Jungle main, I am nervous about this dragon system. As it makes getting dragon a lot more serious. And strategic. But the mage update is amazing! Although There have been a few bugs. I can still see friends in my friends list that are offline, There username stays but that is it. And A couple of champions have had there images replaced by other champions, Like Aatrox's image was on Udyr?? But never the less good patch! :) -RedPandaFox
Rahmi (OCE)
: How 2 Malphite! (Bronze Edition)
Hi, I think I saw another one of your videos? We gotta play some time! Great video none the less :) Great editing! -RedPandaFox
Loote (OCE)
: Cosmic Reaver Kassadin Charitable Donation - Final Update
Hi. I think this is something amazing, Proud too be a part of the League community. It just goes too show that Company's like Riot are not in it for the money, They actually want positive outcomes! Good Stuff Guys! -RedPandaFox
Maraudaur (OCE)
: OUC 2016 Semester 1 results
Nicely done! -RedPandaFox
shade0499 (OCE)
: Getting out of bronze
Hi, Just Stay Positive, and It does not matter what league you get put into. It takes a lot or a little too get out. Obviously for you it is a lot. Don't expect it too come over night. Good Luck bro. -RedPandaFox
: Riot, Read this
Hi, Although you have a point and many of us would **LOVE** a 24/7 Support chat or Email support. Many Players email support daily/Hourly/Minutely. And if you have ALOT of accounts on each server, then emails can get flooded. Pressing Ctrl/V Is quicker then actually Hand Typing a message and Sorting out the issue. You need too Look at it from a Big Point of view. Plus OCE isn't there most favorite server. They have things like Korea and NA, And just because they make a lot of profit does not mean they will Imply new things with that money. Please Take this as a Answer rather than a argument. -RedPandaFox
shade0499 (OCE)
: This sounds like a great idea, will it take time to be invited into the group?
Not at all, Just get curse and click the link! :)
: ***
Hi, I think Riot nor Tyler is too blame here. Honestly Everyone is going off at Riot, But they were doing there job. Cops Bust Drug dealers houses FULL of weed plants, And is it there fault because they failed too Punish them/Catch them early? no. Just giving a example. They Obviously were in a sticky situation. People Love Tyler1 and I do too. And Riot MAY HAVE seen Banning Tyler1 Off the game was a big move & Might end up bad for both partys. There is alot too go into here, and Alot of arguments for each side. I just believe people should drop the arguments and Anyone that brings it up should be warned or banned. Its just drama and People are getting the blame. Both of them did the wrong thing. -RedPandaFox
abnormalx (OCE)
: riot pls, this is diamond elo and this shit happens
Hi, Damn Man that sucks. I thought that only happens in Silver. Sending a ticket would be a greater Report. Hope they get Warned or Banned! :) -RedPandaFox
iZulu (OCE)
: Need your opnions and thoughts please -
1, Tank. I Believe tank Can be whatever you put it. But It mainly is someone who is beefy with Health, MR, AR and Can take a lot of blows before Dying. Someone who has CC and Can initiate and Peel for the squishes. But if you feel the tank in that position was too build Warmogs then Just don't listen too her, Its your Choice. And 2, I cannot say As I cannot see other Key things. Depending on the situation he should peel or CC the Carry. -RedPandaFox
Aidan7787 (OCE)
: Love playing azir in low elo,
Hi, Yeah Nice man. Azir is a pretty relaxed champion as long as no one gets near you. You can counter picks Like Kat and Zed. And If your good at him you will just climb climb climb! All luck too you man! -RedPandaFox
: Attempting to reconnect
Hi, You may have too Contact Riot Support on this, Given as There is a issue going on somewhere. Have you tried Going on a different computer too see if the issue stays? Contacting your service provider too ask if there connection issues / delays Run a Internet test? Or Just contacted Riot as there may be something wrong. Hope your issue gets fixed! :) -RedPandaFox
Edday (OCE)
: People Who Don't Communicate in Ranked
Hi, What is this post exactly posted around? I can see your title, But you do not clarify. If you are wondering "what do I do?" when "People who Don't Communicate in ranked" Then Please Specify. But If so, Then you should Try to make contact. Chat & Pings. Just keep trying and don't hesitate too Let them know as they might be listening. -RedPandaFox
Ninox (OCE)
HI, Nice Video! Definitely smooth Editing! :) -RedPandaFox
OG DejaVu (OCE)
: I may be a bit late for this but id like to share my first experience with urf...
: do i get free rp?
Talon12 (OCE)
: Sooo... Swain...
Hello, I Never knew there was such a thing coming out? Can you give me the source too this Information? This seems very interesting as Id Like too see his Ability's. -RedPandaFox
Talon12 (OCE)
: Dont lie to me
This is a weird thing too add too A league Board, But never the less it is amazing! Very talented. -RedPandaFox
: New shurimian champion.
Hi, Yes I think I can say for a lot of Summoners we are thrilled too have a new Rock Type Champ. (Pokemon Pun) I cannot wait for more teasers and are looking forward too see what role she is. -RedPandaFox
: Explain please
Hey Man, I understand your frustration. But That is how the game works Unfortunately. If it is making you stressed or unhappy Take a break. Maybe Start playing normal's and focus on what you can improve on. Not saying you are bad but Taking a break and focusing on your weakness's might be good. -RedPandaFox
NeoSimmer (OCE)
: if i get curse and try to apply tobe a mod or admin is there going to be an application form for me to fill out?
No Apps Or silly Forms, If I feel like you are showing excellent vibes and invite alot of people then I will do it without you even knowing x)
Rahmi (OCE)
: Ekko Jungle - Funny Moments :D!
Good job, Not gonna lie. **I laughed alot.** Hope People see this! :)
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