: Patch 8.15 Notes
Any reason why zilean's recommended support items list Spellthief's with refillable for starting items when that is no longer an option due to price changes?
: Riot, you still after sooo many years have not made it so we can sell/get rid of tier 1 or 2 runes. Once we get tier 3 runes and do not have the need for tier 1 or 2 they have to stay in our inventory.... Make a system that we can trade tier 2 for tier 3 or something like the looting system but with runes too
They only just removed the rune combiner not too long ago if you recall as I do, due to the fact that it was not getting used a great deal.
: I like it, except for the border around the map. I feel like it makes it too big, and obscures too much of that corner.{{summoner:2}}
If they made it so the border opacity around the map could be custom set that would fix that problem
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: Someday, yes. Soon, no. One of the big problems we hit and need to solve was how we'd animate his long, serpentine body and how that would be treated in gameplay (how does it act when he turns, which bits are targetable etc).
if his body is serpent-like would it not be similar to the way {{champion:69}} was managed?
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: Something we've been aiming for is to get a greater variety of appearances/tones for champions of both genders. There were a couple of years there where many of our female champions especially ended up looking pretty similar and we've been making an effort to try and avoid that. That's not to say we won't continue to make attractive champions, male and female, where appropriate for their character, but that we also want a wide range that includes champs like Kalista and Rek'Sai as well. I can't speak with personal experience about the intent around the game's initial release, that was well before my time at Riot. Certainly there seems to be a lot of support internally for the greater variety we've been exploring recently though.
you mean attractive like Freljord Ashe? :O

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