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: Do I need to be a potato to join?
OP please I'm interested and I need to know
iPatt (OCE)
: Pax Melb Tourny
i might be able to, depending on when my shift ends xd (I'm enforcing)
Risky (OCE)
: Looking for Plat2+ players for R5's
hi im support main, have accounts in p2, p3, p5 and g3 add me on Renai or Celia
Gloomies (OCE)
: Adc tips
I am currently a support main but I've played tons of ADC games since I started as I was an ADC main myself. I've played since mid-season 2 and climbed all the way from 1100 elo to 1700 so I consider myself quite experienced with the game. Although I am a mere lowly ranked player, I have supported a friend, a challenger ADC in some of his ladder games. 1) Know your match-up Some ADCs + support combo in the simplest way, will destroy you. I'm too lazy to list it but you can pretty much be the judge of this through the amount of poke/cc/burst each champion has. Experience would help. This would also dictate your play style. ie. Don't go aggressive as {{champion:67}} + {{champion:111}} vs. {{champion:96}} + {{champion:40}} (unless you get a REALLY good catch) 2) Itemization Outside of the lane phase, item prioritization matters A LOT. I can't emphasize this enough. Although ADC is a pretty one-dimensional role, choosing to buy {{item:3153}} over {{item:3072}} can be very game changing. Online build guides can help you out on this. 3) Positioning + core mechanics This is arguably the hardest thing to master as an ADC. Where you stand, when to auto, and when to walk away/towards. This is a skill you need to learn yourself as it mainly comes with experience. ie. When teamfighting as {{champion:67}} , choosing to stay in stealth and moving a few steps (when ulting) over attacking instantly can be a detrimental choice.
: [CL5] Ranked Team "Centrelink 5" RECRUITING (Plat+ Preferred)
Summoner Name: Renai and Celia Age: 18 Main Role: mostly Support, but also ADC Main Champion(s): Thresh CURRENT Solo/Duo Queue Ranking: Plat 2, Plat 3 Forms or voice communication: TS3 Times and Days available through out the week: Weekdays 4pm-9pm, Weekends: from the point I wake up-2am Why you want to join: Playing in a team environment is always more fun than solo queue
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gee (OCE)
: lf gold+ adc to duo
add my other account 'lim'
: Should i play ranked?


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